Wedding In New York: Grape Wedding Cakes

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Nowadays, wedding cakes come into so many varieties that you will get old by trying to count them all. Or at leat to think about them all. it is impossible, because nowadays confectioners have so many ideas that they apply to wedding cakes that they amaze everybody. I am not saying that is a bad thing, God forbid. The always make wonderful masterpieces. And when I am saying this I am referring to wedding cakes, not something else.

Why I am saying this? Well, did you ever hear about a grape wedding cake? Yes, I thought you hadn’t. It is one of the latest ideas of confectioners. But if you ask me, it is a good idea, because grapes are so tasty. And they would look really nice as decorations on a white wedding cake.

The grapes can be white or red, depending on their kind. And in combination with white chocolate or any other kind of chocolate, even dark chocolate, the taste will be great and the result, the grape wedding cake, will be absolutely delicious and you will want to try a slice of wedding cake, I am sure. That is why I ploaded here some pictures with grape wedding cakes so that you can convince yourself that such a wedding cake will be a good option of cake for your own wedding.

It will also look lovely in a table in the middle of the ballroom. And it is appropriate for any kinds of wedding ceremonies, whether they are elegant or non-comformist. Don’t you agree with me? Well, then enjoy the pictures.

Moreover, if you want to get married in New York, that is a wonderful place to have your wedding in. New York is famous for the many locations that can host weddings. Of course, this means that they are pretty expensive too, being some of the best wedding locations in New York. But if you are asking me, I will say that they are worth each and every penny, because all the services they offer are flawless, the personnel is the best they could get, well-trained and very nice to the guests.

Just like a New York wedding personnel should be, don’t you agree? And here I am talking about places such as The Carlyle, A Rosewood Hotel, 3 West Club, The Central Park Boathouse, The United Nations Dining Room and Rooftop Patio, The Prince George Ballroom or The Angel Orensanz Center.

I am sure you heard about them if you live in New York. Besides this, you have to order the grape wedding cake and there are no better places in New York to order a wedding cake than this, this, this and this. Trust me, they are famous for the wedding cakes they make and you can see that from the wedding cake picture galleries they have on their websites.11

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