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Before going deeply into the process of your wedding planning you have to choose the way you want your wedding to be celebrated. This way has to influence the future plans you draw in regard to the entire wedding preparation. This was the route that my friend followed as soon as her wedding date was established. She had been thinking of this idea to throw her wedding celebration for a long time; I remember her mentioning about this thought even since the times of our apprenticeship by the professional seamstress. She figured to organize her wedding reception in an atmosphere of cabaret with everything that defined this form of entertainment – singing on the stage, dancing, the whole performance being hosted by a venue to comprise a stage and the guests to be seated at tables watching the performance.
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When she had first described me her plan I had to admit that I wasn’t very comfortable with the idea. In my mind a cabaret was everything but a serious form to relate to the wedding event, so I told her what was my opinion. She laughed at me and said that she would have her ceremony held in a place of worship as it was accustomed and wearing the white traditional dress of a bride, for after that to get changed into a wedding gown… white and red. In this way she could celebrate the wedding reception wearing in her outfit the white of a bride combined with the audacious red of the cabaret dress.

As we are by trade dressmakers, I offered my help in the creation of the cabaret dress, as I found it to be rather challenging. In this regard I have researched the attire this kind of entertainment show requires; I have planned to create a wedding gown… white and red in a style that confers to the wearer the aspect of a bride carrying some elements of sensuality, the sensuality that is at the same time alluring. So there I was, searching the bridal web pages that offered styles of colored wedding gowns, one more audacious than the other in design and creation.

I have very shortly noticed that the fashion designers have come up with so various colors for wedding gowns, all of them resembling to the ones suitable for balls, or evening social receptions, even cocktail dresses were so elegantly and sophisticated conceived to match the occasion of a wedding celebration. I had no idea that colors like green, blue or burgundy could be so genuinely introduced in the design of a wedding dress; one could see wedding outfits created in bi-color use of fabrics (white with green, white with blue, gold with burgundy, gold with green, red with yellow) or wedding attires simply made of one color fabric: red, blue, green, yellow, etc.

The wedding gown of my friend’s cabaret themed wedding reception ended up in a creation of a white wedding gown with a corset shaped bodice that was edged at the seams with red lace and criss-crossed red strings to tie it at the back and red rich pleated tulle as a longer petticoat fixed under the ¾ length-ed bell-shaped white skirt. The touches of red added to the gown conferred the bride a note of sensuality and the sweetheart neckline of the corset outlined by the red lace made her look very alluring – the overall aspect cast the perfect effect she wanted to get wearing her white and red wedding gown in front of her guests.

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  1. Stephanie

    December 18, 2013 at 1:58 am

    Hi, i was very interested in the first picture of the red and white cabaret wedding dress, it looks EXACTLY like the wedding dress i want, but i cant seem to find anywhere a front picture of what the dress looks like 🙁 could you please help me out.


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