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Wedding Gowns For Older Brides

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As often as your fiancé keeps telling you that you do not look old, you still know that you have an age, and to be frankly an age that one can not think that is appropriate to have a wedding celebrated in white. There are countries that in this respect have some unwritten rules that go for the brides who have their second or even third wedding event: not to wear a veil for the hairstyle and the color of the dress could as well be other than white, going most likely for cream or dark ivory. And this happens because in these countries wearing a veil is the symbolic gesture of covering the innocence and purity of the virgin described also by the white color of the dress for this innocence to be unveiled once the marriage is sealed.
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As you are already at your second marriage, you know what is there to be done in regard to the wedding planning and all the details that are comprised in the process of its preparation. But you have never imagined that the choice of your wedding dress will be that hard to take, the bridal sites presenting indeed wedding gowns for older brides, but none of them seems to satisfy your wishes.  Either it is too short, either it shows the nakedness of your shoulders that doesn’t look that freshly rounded any more, either it uncovers your elbows that exactly like the shoulders don’t look at all fresh.

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Altogether, you are a little bit disappointed with the outcome of your research; the wedding gowns are the ones that show brides at their early ages of youth, when the vivacity of these years reveals freshness and confidence of a good-looking body and face. These wedding dresses seem to be tailored for their age, you can not imagine yourself wearing those fitted bodices with that A-line style of the skirts that confer a bride the look of a young princess in her walk to the prince of her heart.

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But your fiancé doesn’t let you wander through the darkness of these skeptical thoughts of yours; he says that he feels your love towards him for so many times flowing in warm waves towards him, wrapping him with positive vibes and he simply can not believe that your skeptical attitude can come from a core that is filled with so much love.

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It is the first time that you feel him so close and patient with your moods, and step by step he convinces you that the only sense that has to guide your thoughts and ideas in your quest of the wedding gown for older women brides is the self-confidence.

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It is the confidence that your love has to shape inside your inner self, because the same way you love him has to be equal with the way you love yourself, and gaining in this way that confidence in your own self, you will finally come to understand that the wedding gown is right there among the numerous other gowns waiting for you and begging you to have it. This one will have to be the wedding gown that matches your personality and your style regardless of your age.11

Jenny got married. And she loved the experience of organizing it so much that she started to write about it.



  1. This article was completely useless and made little sense. As you are already at your second marriage? WTH? Just because a person is getting married older than her 20′s hardly means this is a second or third marriage. And the meandering love fiance comments sound a bit like a preteen trying to sound wise. And yet you have no links to any dresses that DO take the not wanting to show off your shoulders into account…

  2. I am getting married for the second time in 2011. I will be 49, and I am in the best shape of my life. What I’m looking for is a long gown with a classic line that is made out of a beautifully draped fabric. A little sparkle (very little) or some bodice interest (no bows, please) would be nice, but all that fluff I see is ridiculous for a woman my age. I have been looking online for months now (as I am stationed overseas), and I am speechless at the price and design of most dresses. Could someone please give a list of designers who cater to women from 40-50 who would describe themselves as “fabulous”? I may be wrong, but it seems a designer could make a fortune with a line of dresses that have beauty, flexibility cost less than $2000.

  3. Lisa – I just happened upon your post (I googled “older brides” since I’m 58 and am getting married in 2 weeks – thought it would be interesting!)

    I too feel fabulous and am in – by far – the best shape of my life. I found a WONDERFUL gown by Anjolique for $1200 at a place called The White Gown in Brooklyn. anjolique gowns are well-designed and well-made, and cost between $800-1500. Mine is long, elegant, fitted (Anjolique gowns all have an interior corseting feature to help define your shape and so you don’t have to wear a bra, which is great), just enough sparkle to look celebratory but not fussy. I adore it, and both my grown kids (a 26-year-old daughter and a 22-year-old son) have told me I look gorgeous in it! You might try going to the anjolique.com website. (And if you want to see what my particular gown looks like, google “anjolique 1012″)

    Good luck!!


  4. It would be nice… just ONCE… to find a site or blog in which the models are actually older! I am 46, getting married for the first time (yes, FIRST time)… I keep clicking links trying to get ideas, and all I’m getting is blah blah blah. Frustrating beyond belief.
    And if you are going to say “older brides”, at least hire a model in her 40′s or 50′s to show it CAN look good!

  5. Oh and to add to my last comment… this blog entry was probably one of THE most insulting pieces of drivel I have ever seen on any bridal site. So patronizing. It IS my first marriage and I will wear white and a veil if I so darn please. I never knew there was an age requirement to get to wear a veil. Disgusting.

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