Wedding Gown Belts

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Nowadays, many brides choose for their wedding dress a bridal belt or sash to wrap their waist and complete their bridal appearance. This bridal belt or sash is the suitable accessory for accentuating your waist and giv

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ing a more glamorous look to your dream wedding dress. Here are only a few wedding gown belts that you will find suitable for any bridal gown you choose.

Wedding Gown Belts

Wedding Gown Belts (Photo by: Faylyne)

My first suggestion is the elegant crystal and beaded belt sash available for $199.95. This fashionable bridal belt adds more elegance to your bridal gown and flatters your waistline. It comes with a delicate embroidered design which is nicely highlighted by rhinestones, crystals and beads. You have the opportunity to choose the ivory or white version of this sash belt suitable for any stunning bridal gown. Keep in mind that this bridal sash can be tied up on the back or can be worn as a bridal belt.

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Another stylish bridal belt model that you should consider for adorning your wedding dress is the romantic floral vine bridal sash. Available for only $65, this bridal belt stands out from the crowd with an elegant floral vine pattern made of crystals and bugle beads. It measures 1.5 x 95 inches and can be purchased in white or ivory. You can sew it as a belt on your dress or you can tie it up into a delicate bow. No matter which option you choose, this bridal belt will definitely catch the attention and will highlight your wedding dress.

You should also check out the simple, but elegant Austrian crystal bridal sash which costs no more and no less than $110. It nicely accentuates your waist and makes you look glamorous without spending a fortune. This bridal belt impresses with a floral design which is made of feathers, sheer fabric, pearls and gorgeous Australian crystals. You can wear it as a bridal belt with the floral design placed on a side or tied up in a bow on the back of the bridal gown.

If you want something more sophisticated you should choose the intricate beaded bridal belt available in both white and ivory. This bridal belt is available for $275 and measures 33 ½ inches in length and 2 ½ inches

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in width on a ribbon that’s 95 inches long. It’s absolutely stunning and impresses with an intricate design made of pearls, sparkling beads and rhinestones. No matter if you decide to sew this belt on your wedding dress or wear it as a bridal belt, you will definitely add more elegance and femininity to your gown.

Wedding Gown Belts

Wedding Gown Belts (Photo by: Sosbyn)

The organza flowers bridal belt should also be on your list. Available for only $105, this bridal sash is absolutely gorgeous. It measures 20 x 3.5 inches and impresses with delicate organza and satin blooming flowers enriched with small Swarovski crystals. By choosing this bridal sash you will be able to add an extra touch of romance to your dream wedding dress. You should also know that you can wear it as a bridal belt tied around your waist or you can choose to wear it as a shoulder strap.


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