Wedding Gold Flowers

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The flowers at the wedding set the tone for the party. They must complement the dresses and be in a perfect combination with the setting and the decor. The season in which you have the wedding is very important as well, because there are various flowers that bloom in certain periods of time. But nevertheless, nowadays you can actually have any flowers you want, as they can be grown artificially and they can be colored in such a way to meet your demands. Some brides prefer wedding gold flowers, these being very romantic and delicate and providing that luxurious mood. But don’t overuse the gold color, as it can appear as inappropriate. If you have a white wedding gown and you want the flower bouquet to be gold, you will surely look brilliant.

There are various ideas that you can use to create that gorgeous wedding flower bouquets for your elegant and most important event at all times. There is only one flower available naturally in a gold color and that is astrantia. The shape of the flower is similar to a starburst and the bloom is beautiful, with bunches of packed flowers, which are held thanks to an edge of petals. They look very modern, but not overly sophisticated and they are actually quite affordable.

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An alternative can be considered yellow flowers. In this case you can actually find a wide variety of them, but be sure to choose blooms that match the color scheme of your desire. Among the most popular choices we encounter daffodils, roses, calla lilies and Gerbera daisies. If you have a certain flower in mind and it is not available in gold or yellow, you can use a floral spray. You can buy gold floral spray which can be sprayed directly on the flower and a metallic gold color will be given. You can thus create combinations of colors and you can have your distinctive flower bouquets. For the most appropriate effect, you can focus on combining the gold color with white for example, leading to an elegant touch.

141295 wedding gold flowers Wedding Gold Flowers

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In most cases, a wedding scheme is consisted of two colors. This means you can combine the gold color with navy blue, black, dark brown, hunter green and even burgundy. These colors will match the contrast and will allow the gold color to shine through. It is best to incorporate the second color in the wedding flowers as well.



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