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You probably always thought at what will happen after the wedding ceremony and the party. Well, the answer is simple: will be the honeymoon.
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I always read on the Internet some opinions concerning the honeymoon, and one <strong>wedding event planner from </strong><strong>San Francisco</strong> said that for him Hawaii and Ibiza will be the best destinations for honeymoon.  I think that those are just two of the most exotic and interesting islands. I do not say that the idea of the <strong>wedding event planner from San Francisco</strong> was not good, it was his idea, but I consider that I have two other destinations, more interesting and captivating.

Water color that only exists in your imagination, white or pink sand, so pure it creaks under your bare feet while you walk, here are the ingredients for a dream honeymoon. One of the most eccentric destination for honeymoon could be Caribbean. The sun will warm when you will lie on the beach, drinking a mixture of rum, juice and spices that you will not find elsewhere. This is the image honeymoon in the Caribbean, which will change you forever.

Caribbean, has an area of over 750,000 square miles. Hundreds of islands grows in clear waters, making this destination a relaxing honeymoon for newly married couples. Schedules were completed, the party music is gone and now it is time to enjoy each other, and the paradise where you are. Due to its location on trade routes, the islands were occupied by many nations, so their subsequent role of tourism in the islands are a unique, multicultural, diverse cultural mix as in no other place in the world. Islands, African influences, Spanish, American, British, Danish, French and Dutch are more than obvious, giving a unique atmosphere, giving it an independent culture. There are many ways of activities to choose from. You can opt for an all inclusive vacation or you can reserve a hotel room and you plan by yourself all your activities.

Their beauty was the subject of many books. All inclusive packages are available for any destination. Other options are also available as an inn romantic accommodation or a villa on the beach. The other destination is the Virgin Islands. These islands may be an excellent destination for honeymoon too. The three islands: St. Thomas, St.  Croix and St. John are under the US protectorate. Currency is the dollar. Islands show a cultural diversity and some spectacular beaches.

St. Thomas – Charlotte   Amalie is the capital and a very popular destination for cruise port or due. Houses painted in pastel shades of the hills around the capital, are giving the impression of a postcard. Although full of white sand beaches, St. Thomas has a rich history, after the Danish colonization. The neighborhood is St. Croix famous for diving and his miles of beaches. St. John is the smallest of three islands, only 26 miles square. For those who love walking, this island is ideal. Two-thirds are covered by national parks, mountain trails combining with the sea.

The panorama is fantastic. The islands are a part of heaven. If you want a spectacular, unusual, honeymoon try these islands. You will be astonished in the most pleasant way.11

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