Wedding Duet Songs

Wedding Party | March 18 2010 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

Whenever it comes to music selection in the range of the planning that a bride has to perform once she is set to do the planning all by herself, there are plenty of songs suitable to be played inside the atmosphere of a wedding celebration. Considering the fact that at this beautiful age when you begin dating and fall in love music is that thing that keeps you connected to this multitude of sensations, of emotions that relate so close and intensely with the love that starts to define inside your thrilled young soul.
And as any other emotional print that leaves deep marks down deep inside, love songs are to be counted among these prints, therefore when the date has been already settled and you can hardly wait to have a dance with your beloved one who at the moment of the reception will be already your loving hubby, you begin thinking of those songs that have enlivened the feelings of love and affection. These two feelings have been after all the ones that determined you to opt for a life of commitment.

The songs list is full with plenty of options, you have to separate each one of them and write down which one is which and which one perfectly matches for the defined moment. And as a surprise to your music planning, your future hubby comes with the idea to have one of these songs so dear to your heart as a wedding duet song. You show yourself so excited with the idea, but the only problem seems to be the selection itself.

Which one to be the one? Can there be more than one? Your lover says that you don’t have to drive your guests into the hands of boredom; it would be more than enough if you come with one song, maybe the most representative one, and together you need to decide which one is it!

Consulting the list of wedding songs, there they come one by one, each one of them bearing the message of love, each one of them carrying in itself a memory that can not be compared to another, casting this one in the realms of uniqueness and therefore becoming so lovable to both of you. But you know that you do not have to despair; these songs might be as well performed both inside the ceremony and reception party: “All I ask of you” this beautiful duet from the famous “Phantom of the opera” reminds you of the moment when your beloved one has proposed to you.

It was this song that was playing inside the CD player right there in your living room with a bottle of champagne and the ring emerging from under his coat pocket. But the song that gathered both of your votes is “Endless love” performed by Luther Vandross and Mariah Carey. Next thing you have to do is to have some canto lessons, as it is quite a complex song to be performed “live” by a couple of novices. And once you will be ready, you will have it performed inside your wedding reception as your wedding duet song, the song that has sealed your hearts for ever and a day!11

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