Wedding Dresses With Pockets

Wedding Dresses | April 17 2010 | by Jenny | 2 Comments

If you are a very-very modern, cosmopolitan and up-to-date bride you will definitely like this post about wedding dresses with pockets. It seems like this design is causing more and more rumors and disputes among brides from all over the world. Although you might think that a wedding dress with pockets is a very absurd and completely inappropriate and out of any rules design for a “normal” wedding, once you take a look at some pictures with pocket wedding gowns you will be simply charmed of how amazingly beautiful, chic, distinctive, original and sexy they are.

Seems that this design is the latest fashion in wedding dresses of 2010 and modern brides who are looking for something terrible unique, non-conventional, outrageous and fabulous should definitely try it on for their contemporary wedding day.

A wedding dress with pockets is not something that you hear everyday or find in all bridal stores. This design is too special to be found in the corner of your street. Traditional and conventional brides should take a look at these brilliant images and tell us what they think. Do you consider a wedding dress with pockets to be just too much for your wedding expectations? Do you think that these dresses don’t look attractive, practical and glamorous? Of course, we must admit that it is not typical for a bride to wear a wedding dress with pockets on her wedding day if we engage in this discussion with the preconception of the ball gown princess fairy-tale wedding dress style in our minds.

But think about how practical, comfortable and useful a wedding dress with pockets can be for any bride! With pockets attached subtle and softly to your wedding dress you could wear in it anything that you need during the religious wedding ceremony and reception party.

Anything like lipsticks, tissues, mirrors, phones or anything that will normally fit into your bag can be worn inside the pockets of the wedding dress.

Don’t you think that’s a very ingenious and charming idea? A wedding dress with pockets can have any style, length, pattern, shape and color that you like. You will be able to find lots of unique casual short wedding dress with pockets, romantic and chic sheath full-length wedding dress with pockets, mermaid wedding dress with pockets, ball gown wedding dress with pockets, A-line wedding dress with pockets, off-the-shoulder wedding dress with pockets and so on.

Try browsing for famous collection of Kleinfeld Bridal, Manuel Mota, Priscilla of Boston or Vineyard Collections and watch slideshows of magnificent wedding dress with pockets. Imagine how chic, hip and trendy your bridal poses will look into your wedding photos. One hand into the pocket of our wedding dress will definitely be the pose of your lifetime. Apart from looking chic, adorable, feminine, funky and adorable you will also look incredible elegant and sophisticated in a more casual and simple way.11


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  2. Pippa

    January 14, 2011 at 12:13 pm

    It’s the first time I see this kind of a dress. But I can totally see why they become more and more modern and trendy. The modern woman is usually one that is always on the verge of going somewhere and so she needs to be prepared for everything and have all her little stuff with her. So why not do this on the wedding day as well and hide a lipstick or a tissue in the pockets of your dress? So I think these two dresses are quite nice and comfortable. I like the second one, but I think it’s a little bit too casual for a wedding dress. So I would go more for the first one you posted, which looks like a wedding gown and whose pockets are well hidden.


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