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27 April 2010 | Wedding Dresses 2 Comments

Every bride-to-be dreams of a perfect wedding, of a perfect bridal look, whatever the age and the maturity. We say this because there are several women out there who are deciding to tie the knot at a later moment in their life and that is why they are called “mature brides”.

But it doesn’t really matters what age the bride has when she is walking down the aisle. The most important thing is to look as feminine, gorgeous, unique and beautiful as any other young bride. It’s not a question of the age, but more a question of what are the most suitable wedding dresses for mature women. Some of the elder brides may feel constrained to wear a less sophisticated, simpler and modest but no one really prevents them to do that.

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Regardless to the age and maturity of the bride, there are numberless contemporary designs that can make any bride look extremely fashionable, attractive and feminine. Many elder brides might prepare for their second or third marriage and that is why the designs wedding dresses for mature women differ pretty much, yet they all have the same principal beauty line that doesn’t take into account the age or the bridal condition and pose of the bride.

Among the most suitable colors used by mature brides are beige, ivory, cream or champagne shades that can make them look more serious, traditional, formal and elegant. But white is an available color even for wedding dresses for mature women. There are no certain rules or regulations that can restrain a bride from wearing white, the contrary.

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These days, mature brides can opt for vibrant and vivid shades such as purple, burgundy, red, as well as they can go with any pastel warm colors like pink, mint, blue or yellowish. One can choose to have a two-colored wedding dress composed from navy and cream, or dark and white, for a more stunning, dramatic and attractive bridal appearance. But in general is better to avoid any black or too dark wedding dresses because it can also create a more aging look. As an old-fashioned alternative to the wedding dress, some mature brides choose to wear a skirted pantsuit that will only make them look aging and too rigorous.

Every bride is free to choose any wedding dress that flatters most their body figure and make them feel confident in their skin. Among the most common lengths for wedding dresses for mature women are those tea-length dresses that are perfect for any summer, spring or autumn wedding affair. Ankle-length dresses are the most suitable ones because they allow brides to move easily and feel more comfortable. Choose a sleeved wedding dress that can cover your arms in case you need to hide some flaws and a high boat-style neckline that can always redirect the attention from your collarbones.11


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  1. Deborah Ingraham

    December 10, 2010 at 2:48 pm

    where can I find wedding gown with the shawl pictured on this page for mature women?


  2. Adine

    April 16, 2011 at 6:37 am

    I read your article and I find it OK. it’s nice to have someone to give a few hints. I also looked at these two dresses and I think I understand why I like them so much. They are simple regarding the embellishments and rich in fabric, so very fit for mature women. The only thing I don’t like is the fact that they are strapless. I think a mature bride needs to cover her shoulders and even her arms. I for one don’t like my shoulders and arms and I would cover them in a way or another. I would have loved to see here some dresses with sleeves or at least with straps fit for mature brides.


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