Wedding Dresses For Full Figure Women

Wedding Dresses | June 12 2010 | by Jenny | 2 Comments

Not only model shaped brides can find the perfect wedding dress, but any other type of bride too, regardless of the body shape, figure and personality. If you are a full figure bride who is already having nightmares at the thought that you won’t be able to find the right wedding dress in time for the wedding.

Nowadays any type of bride – petite, corpulent, pregnant or encore can find the wedding dress of her dreams in only a few moves. The range of wedding dresses suitable for all types of shapes, heights and structures is getting wider and wider with every year that goes by. Most of the wedding dress designers of today are happy to create wedding dresses for full figure women, with the main purpose of making them look as beautiful, attractive and feminine as any other type of bride.

There are many styles, designs, colors, lengths and fabrics available for wedding dress for full figure women, you just have to pick the right one for you. It’s important to keep the wedding dress’s style and design closely related to your wishes, your vision, your preferences and your personal style. There is no need to follow some sort of dress code or etiquette in order to find the “right” wedding dress. You just have to follow your own intuition and your own individuality, just to make sure that the wedding dress you will choose is going to make you feel comfortable, precious, unique, special and confident in your skin.

Among the most suitable wedding dress for full figure women are those that feature a chic A-line shape. These styles are so efficient for corpulent brides especially because they manage to draw the attention away from the waistline, from the stomach area and from the bust, and focus it on the upper side of the body. You can opt for a halter A-line wedding dress for full figure women that can make you look sexy, chic and elegant too.

Another great choice for wedding dress for full figure women is the empire waist wedding dress. This style is perfect for corpulent brides who want to hide their hips and their waits. The narrow cut below the bust creates a romantic flow surrounding the legs in a very refined and delicate way.

If you are one of those modern full figure brides who are looking for something more attractive, provocative and remarkable, a sexy corset style bodice wedding dress for full figure women might be the right choice for you. The skirt can be flowing, sheath, simple and clean, with a pick-up style and the corset can be complemented with a stylish bolero with cape sleeves or with a matching shawl, wrap or jacket, in case you intend to cover your shoulders and arms.

You can add sashes and ribbons to create a more elegant, sassy, sleek and eye-catchy look. Scooped V-necks or deep necks in general are perfect for full figure brides. Stay away from shiny fabrics that can make you look more voluminous and too thick.11


  1. Diane

    January 06, 2011 at 8:22 am

    HI. i like your site. It’s interesting. I even like the fact that you post so many different kind of dresses. But sometimes you repeat your choices of designs. I don’t want to criticize, just to mention this. Anyway, I wanted to say that I find these articles and designs with dresses for the not so slim women really nice. I’d like to see more of these here. And although you repeated some of the dresses in here, at least now I have the chance to decide. I feel like in a shop already. From all these here, which are nice ones, I think I like the short one. It’s comfortable, chic, nicely embroidered and it makes the figure look nice. Very elegant.


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