Wedding Dresses For 2nd Time Around

Wedding Dresses | September 23 2014 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

The idea that you shouldn’t wear a white wedding dress for 2nd time around is a preconceived one. OK, it is known that white color is the color of purity and clarity and innocence, and being a 2nd, a 3rd time bride doesn’t confer you the same status that you have had at your first marriage, when wearing that white wedding dress signified your first step as a innocent and pure girl into the new world of marriage. But next to this detail, we should consider the fact that actually, no matter how many times this thing happens to a woman, it is still a wedding, that takes place next to the beloved man to whom you are supposed to share your love and commitment. The concept of love itself is about purity, and innocence of the soul, and as love comes when you are least expected, you have to embrace it and let it fill you in, whether this requires from you a second marriage or not.

In some countries one can say when the 2nd, or 3rd marriage occurs; through tradition it is the veil that decorates the hairdressing of the brides that is worn on the back side, that says about another wedding of the bride; whereas the veil covering the face is the one that only the virgin brides wear at their first marriage, as a symbol of her innocence that through the marriage is unveiled in front of her beloved one.

wedding-dresses-for-2nd-time-aroundHowever if you are afraid that people might comment on your choice of white for your 2nd wedding ceremony, than you have other color choices that confer equally simple elegance, purity and style. Considering that this dress is being worn only one time (ok, for the 2nd or 3rd time around…!) you can choose a simple design that can be both classy and special for your wedding ceremony. There are in fashion, even for the 1st time to be brides, colors like ecru, ivory, light cream and you won’t be less beautiful and shiny while walking down the aisle. Other option might be choosing a two pieces attire, a white classy pant suit that makes you feel comfortable and flattering as well. This option gives you the chance to wear the suit at further dinner cocktails or other social events.

Another aspect that one 2nd to be bride should consider is the age; you don’t look now as you did at your first wedding, so when you pick up the wedding dress for 2nd time around you have to think of your “enriched”, or better said, modified size. Your new wedding attire should complement your new figure with style and elegance even if you had meanwhile gained some extra pounds. Also if you consider of wearing a sleeveless wedding dress you might think to wear a white elegant shawl thrown around your shoulders, this too can confer a touch of delicacy to your wedding gown.11

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