Wedding Dresses by Elie Saab

Wedding Dresses | December 11 2010 | by Jenny | 2 Comments

Those who were expecting to see the new bridal collection signed by Elie Saab for the year 2011 can now have the chance to admire a few of the most sensational, extraordinary and impressive types of wedding dresses made by this famous genius bridal designer. We should mention that this collection is made for Pronovias and it called “Elie”. Therefore, brides who are interested in seeing more of these phenomenal gowns know where to look for: on this fashion designer’s personal website. We personally are speechless when it comes to describing or defining these magical and wonderful creations.


They are simply impeccable and perfect! We are convinced that any bride – regardless of her age, social status, physical condition, formality, cultural background or vision of the ideal wedding dress for them will find these magnificent dress masterpieces simply spectacular and suitable for any type of wedding. Perhaps only wealthy brides who are planning a majestic ample and extravagant wedding will finally make this big step in purchasing one of these sensational wedding dresses by Elie Saab. However, there are many brides of today ready to make a big compromise or a sacrifice in order to be able to afford buying one of these exceptional gowns.

All the creations that you can admire in this highly elaborated and fashion-forward bridal collection are 100% original, exquisite, refined and luxurious. They are all made to fit and flatter the contemporary bride who wants to wear something more than attractive, impressive or outstanding! The silhouettes are so perfect and sumptuous due to the refined and expensive fabrics used in creating the dresses. There are lots of clever bold mixtures made between two or even three different types of fabrics such as silk, lace, taffeta, tulle organza.

We can only imagine how phenomenally expensive these wedding dresses by Elie Saab can be! All the fabrics mentioned above are beautifully used in designing and creating one-of-a-kind romantic, feminine and truly chic silhouettes, one more sensual and original than the other before. You can see how the majority of these dresses are stunningly adorned with all kinds of artistic embroideries, rich textures, plated style patterns or geometrical elevated designs such as the origami inspired details made on a few of these ravishing gowns.

Beyond the fact that these breath-taking wedding dresses by Elie Saab are very sexy, sensual, sleek and flirty, they are also pretty classy, dainty and coquette. You can find lots of dresses in this collection made with multi layers and overlays, majestic skirts and embellishments, eye-catchy surprising elements such as a lace high slit, artistic finishing and magic transparencies and volumes.

These dresses are meant to offer the bold and independent contemporary bride the look of the century. Dramatic, sublime, soft, seductive, contrasting, remarkable, natural and innocent, these gowns embody all the qualities that any successful wedding dress should have. If you want to look like a real diva on the big special day, then you must opt for one of these vanguardist design wedding dresses.11


  1. carry

    December 11, 2010 at 3:45 pm

    Well chosen models to put here. I also followed the link to Saab’s site, where you can find the whole collection and these are some of the most delicate and inspiring wedding dresses she created. They are feminine, flowing and delicate, making any woman feel like a princess on her wedding day. But one must feel very confident when wearing these dresses and at the same time very careful about the settings of the wedding. This is the only problem I have with all of her dresses. You cannot wear them but in very exquisite rooms. They are so fit for a ball themed wedding…


  2. Alina

    December 23, 2010 at 12:56 pm

    Eli Saab’s wedding dresses are always feminine and exquisite. The elegance of these gowns is given by the fluidity of the dresses and by the fabrics used. I love organza and lace and the way she uses both in her designs is sublime. I like the fact that these wedding dresses are both romantic and modern and they can be used both in a traditional and themed wedding. At the same time, the cleavage is moderate and they can be worn in a church with no problem. I don’t know if I could say something negative about this collection, because I can find a nice feature in every dress. I could only say that my favorite from here is the second one. I like the way the veil covers the shoulder, like a shawl.


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