Wedding Doves

Wedding Tips & Ideas | April 20 2010 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

Doves are a strong symbol of love since ancient times. They are the perfection of peace, love and softness. Above this, the Bible says that at Jesus immersion a white dove, representing God`s Spirit came over His head to spread the divine light. From here there are some old beliefs regarding doves and what they represent: purification and well telling.<-336×280 Large Rectangle – center->
For a wedding grooms recur to different methods of impressing their guests and transforming the whole event into a fairy-tale, their dream day. Consequently, when it comes about special effects everything should be superlative. After the religious ceremony, when the grooms are about to leave the church the doves fly above them, creating an unique moment. White and delicate as they are the doves symbolize the infinite love. According to many people beliefs, after the wedding ceremony the just-married couple have to be greeted with rice and flowers, in order to have a happy life together.

Also, this is the expression for the grief chasing and prosperity or fertility in grooms life. In time, this tradition suffered some modifications. To a modern wedding the rice is replaced by balloons, a more aesthetically effect, but the flowers are a must, due to their beautiful appearance. So are the doves, the modern expression of old beliefs. Is it said that the doves once they find a female that one becomes they soul mate for life. Consequently, wedding doves will suggest not only dove, but loyalty.

Once you have decided on wedding doves you have to know that there are 2 types: the classic white ones and the voyager ones. The classic ones will stay on ground, so that every one invited to your wedding can touch them and make photos with them. The voyager ones will fly away, a chance for the video-taper and the photographer to immortalize this impressive and spectacular moment will turn into a sweet memory.

Think just a second how your group photo will be with lots of petals flower and doves flying. After the religious ceremony the grooms have to go to the restaurant and receive each and every guest with a glass of champagne. But, this moment can be also replaced by doves. On the red carpet some white doves, some confetti and balloons will give the impression of entering to a fancy ball. Needless to say, this can be the most appreciated and surprising moment one can do for it`s bride or groom. The words and facts define us; so, after reading the vows to express the love it is time to show the same thing through a thing or a surprise: rent doves. Let the romanticism enchant your eye with doves beautifulness and your soul with the enormous happiness to see your bride`s/groom`s smile.11

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  1. romy

    April 02, 2011 at 10:46 am

    you convinced me. After reading your article my thought was ok now, I want this, where can I rent doves now? I’m sure the internet will provide me with a lot of answers for my question so I only want to think you for this idea. I really wanted something special for the ceremony and I didn’t know what. I always thought white doves at the wedding are just a whim, but reading about their meaning… well, it’s not the same anymore. I really want them now and I think I’ll have both types of doves for the wedding. Depends on the price and on the visual effect, though.


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