Wedding dedication songs from wife to husband

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Each time I’m falling in love, it happens to hear a certain song and exactly that song  fits like a glove on my heart, molds on my feelings and speaks volumes about my emotions, about my expectations, about my desires. To each man I’ve dedicated a part of my life; I’ve dedicated also a song. Even now I remember that to my last boyfriend with who I believed I had a true love, but if fact it was just an illusion, or an obsession, I’ve dedicated him a song performed by Jennifer Paige named: “Little crush”. I found him and I found me in the song lyrics. The thing that I’m dedicating a song to every man I share some time is not a tradition. It’s just a manner of acting, or expressing my feelings, or asking to a question like: “What’s your opinion about me?” Even that I had relationships closed since lots of years ago, I still remember all the songs that haunted my time in that period. I think that music is our best friend; I think that music anticipates our feelings; I think that music is truly a gift. If you’d like more information on the topic, check out this awesome course we’ve recently released.

I should talk about weddings in this article, not about my ex relationships. But, still I can correlate my relationship with the brides-to-be who are in time-line with their wedding planning. Because many times I felt how love runs through my veins, because many times I also said “I love you” and I truly believed in my words, because many times music loved my feelings, I’d like to share with you some gorgeous songs which can melt even the rockiest heart. I’d like this article to be about wedding dedication songs for wife to husband. We all know that women, even that are more sensitive and delicate, they still can be bravest and manifest the love for their man even if they are surrounded by hundreds of people. In the following lines, I’ll share with you some wedding dedication songs for wife to husband, songs which touched my heart, songs which made me loose control:

“Sway” performed by Mooi, is an adorable song performed by a singer with unbeatable sweet voice. The rhythm is totally charming while the lyrics are almost incredible: “Always so different/ You and I/ Leave our words behind/ And I have found a way, my love/ With you I walk aside/ I was born in summer time/ You upon in snow/ Remember when I say/ I love you this way”.

-“Baby blue” performed by Martina Topley Bird, is simply a masterpiece sang by the fantastic Martina, a delightful voice singing formidable lyrics born through crazy love: “I don’t think you should wait not a minute more, / She’s a girl that you’ve been waiting for./ Funny how the noises that I’m making,/ Can’t drown the sound of my heart breaking./ Baby Blue, I don’t know what to do when you call to me./ Baby Blue, I never really knew I belonged to you.”

“I wanna kiss you all over” performed by Exile; this song is a pure jam. Only hearing the lyrics and thinking about what they say, I just wait my baby to come home: “When I get home, babe, gonna light your fire/ All day I’ve been thinkin’ about you, babe/ You’re my one desire/ Gonna wrap my arms around you/ Hold you close to me/ Oh, babe I wanna taste your lips/ I wanna fill your fantasy, yeah/ I don’t what I’d do without you, babe/ Don’t know where I’d be/ You’re not just another lover/ No, you’re everything to me. “11

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