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The wedding cake is a very important element at a wedding. Deciding for the cake is not very easy because there are many models you can imagine and choose form. Besides the general look of the cake you have also to take into account the taste. The cake must be very tasty and it also can be practical. This is way some brides decide to have wedding cupcakes.<-336×280 Large Rectangle – center->The wedding cupcakes are now more popular than they used to be and more couples decide for them. One for the reasons may that they are easy to distribute, you do not have to actually cut the cake and serve it to your guests. This cake is more modern and just a little more friendly. But there are couples who actually want to cut the wedding cake. In this case you can decide for a combination of traditional cake and cupcakes. The usual cake can be placed at the bottom of the arrangement and the cupcakes on the other levels until you reach the top, where of course there will be placed the bride and groom’s figurines.

Your guests will also like this idea. Instead of a piece of cake that will lose all its charm once it has been cut, a piece of cake which was made by itself can make your guests feel special. And you have to know that cupcakes are not easy to bake. They look like teeny pieces of art. The wedding cupcakes are very appreciated in California for example.

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However, there are some advantages in using wedding cupcakes. For example, every cupcake can have another flavor, or if not every single one, than you can choose to have every level of the cake different. This way you will be able to cover all tastes and you guests will surly appreciate this. Because they are the latest wedding trend, wedding cupcakes will make you feel like you have managed to bring such a fashionable element into your wedding party. Although cupcakes are not that difficult to transport, as a traditional wedding cake is, they are not much easier to do because they will models and special arrangements.

Regardless of the country or traditions, a wedding cupcake can be a very good choice if you would like having one on your special day. You must not forget that on your wedding day there are no rules you have to obey. Everything must be done the way you like it and the wedding cake, which is a main attraction at a wedding can not make an exception. In fact besides the wedding dress, the cake can be one of the things you will choose after you had a lot of time to decide.11

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  1. Prue

    January 18, 2011 at 4:49 pm

    never thought I would read about this on this kind of site. not that it isn’t about weddings, but it isn’t about wedding or cupcakes in Vegas. however, you just gave me a great idea. you said that every cupcake can be modeled and creamed differently and so on. they can have different colors and favors. so… because I do want a Vegas wedding and I got to like this idea of wedding cupcakes, I could ask for a LAS Vegas display of the cupcakes, right? So… a roulette made of cupcakes sounds just great right now, isn’t it? And the flavors to range from vanilla to chocolate to strawberry. You are awesome. thanks for this unexpected and so very nice idea!


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