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Have you ever thought that flowers are so significant for a wedding? Every flower has her meaning, and combining many flowers you can even transmit a message to your guests. Flowers were always sweet, sensible, delicate and sentimental. When you choose your wedding bouquet you should take in consideration their significance. So let’s begin with some flowers significances.
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Costs are also a problem here. You can ask about how much a <strong>wedding cost planner in </strong><strong>Los Angeles</strong><strong> receive </strong>for some pieces of advices, or you can simply design and create your own bouquet, specially made by you. If you choose to ask a <strong>wedding cost planner in </strong><strong>Los Angeles</strong>, you will have to think very well at how much are you going to spend, because this isn’t the most important thing for your wedding. The most important one is you to feel good, you and your guests. So let’s begin with some flowers and their explains.

Lily (a popular choice for wedding flowers). It is not actually a lily, tropical flower, large white, yellow or pink. It looks very good, used in bouquets and arrangements. You can find it in spring and summer. It symbolize the magnificent beauty. Camellia: The flowers are large and soft, shiny leaves, available in colors like pink or white. Used in bouquets and arrangements too. It is available in spring. It symbolizes perfection and charm.

Carnations (a popular choice for wedding flowers). A popular flower that is universal. Peonies large or small, available in pink, red and white. You can find carnations all the time of the year. They symbolize love and devotion. I don’t suggest you to choose such flowers because they have not any elegance, are too ordinary. The narcissus: available in a trumpet-shaped flower-size or miniature, orange, yellow, white or exotic varieties. Often used for garden decoration. This flower can be found in spring and show the respect that you have for the ones near you.

Tree flowers: a traditional wedding flower since ancient times, very difficult to get and very delicate. Currently using other flowers substitute (stephanotis). Availability: hard to find. It symbolize: purity, chastity and love. Queen Anne lace: flower composed by white full laced. It is used in the bodice, garlands, bouquets and arrangements. You can find this flower in summer. The flower symbolize magic, truth and healing.

The roses: traditional flowers, perfumed, for weddings. They are available in many colors and shapes. They can mean love, purity, passion and happiness. Another special flower for wedding is the orchid. The elegance of this flower can not be raised by other one. It signifies love and beauty. A bouquet of specially chosen flowers will send a truly and friendly message to your guests, so be careful what you choose.11

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  1. Fanny

    July 05, 2011 at 7:49 am

    L.A. in my point of view is the capital of the nightlife. For a wedding, roses and lilies represent the luxurious night life. Be aware of the fact that the prices are very high. It’s not so cheap to organize your wedding in L.A.


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