Wedding chariot in Las Vegas and Los Angeles

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What every prince and princes need to have besides a castle and some land? They need to have a chariot to travel around from one place to another. Now, the modern bride and groom have taken this fairy tale scenario and adapted it to their wedding.
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There is no surprise seeing a wedding chariot on the streets of Las Vegas and Los Angeles. More and more couples choose this mean of transportation as the way to go. Vendors have read their mind and brought the chariot in their back “stables” waiting for clients to ask a ride. It is amazing to see how much the wedding industry has developed over the few last years and the incredible amount of ideas they have for any type of wedding.

Any way, where could you find wedding chariot in Las Vegas and Los Angeles? Well, the answer is quite simple: start with an online wedding directory and work you way. For the area of Las Vegas there is a long list with directories you could use and all of these data basis have valuable information. tries to map you the city with the most important vendors and retailers. It is among these names that you have to find the name suitable for you.

Every vendor brings something new and something special so you don’t have to worry about diversity: it is a must on their list no matter what. So, as it turns out all you have to do is search either a wedding planner that will guide you to some chariot in town, either a hotel or a resort that has this service included in their wedding packages.

The same long list stands for Los Angeles as well. In this situation it is that has mapped the city in search of top professionals and locations. It is in here you need to start looking for a wedding chariot in Los Angeles. A chariot will go very well with an elegant, formal wedding in some fancy hotel. It is the perfect way to celebrate the beginning of a fairy tale. If you are not fans of fairy-tales then think of a very, very special social event, either way you need to have the best. A chariot, besides being a very exotic mean of transportation is the embodiment of elegancy and style in the same time. The idea of a chariot takes us back in times of etiquette and manners. And the truth is that it is fun.

So, who would have thought that somebody would trade the horse power of a engine with a real horse? Actually, it is not that hard to understand: it is the basic desire for originality and creativity that rules the agenda of this day. Every couple is thinking new ways to impress their guests and make the perfect impression. With a chariot half of the work is already done.11

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  1. sissy

    February 07, 2011 at 7:24 am

    Hi. Thank you so very much for the information in this article. I love wedding chariots and this was my dream ever since I was little girl. Everybody around me thought i will be done with this idea the moment I grow up, but unfortunately for them, was not like that. on the contrary, the more i grew up, the more i thought about my wedding chariot, my princess dress and my prince besides me in a white and golden outfit. Now what can i say, i am more realistic about this and i imagine the costs for what i want can become huge. but then i thought about the places that can offer me this dream wedding and the possibility of renting everything. so Vegas pooped out in my mind and I know they can offer me the right chariot and outfit i need. So, thanks again for this.


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