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Couples who are interested in finding more info on different wedding tradition might want to know a few things about the use of boutonnieres. This is an established tradition within formal events, especially in weddings. As in many other cases, the Greeks are the first civilization to introduce this custom.

It was customary for the bride and the groom to wear fragrant flowers and other specific plants and herbs that would chase away the bad energy and the bad spirits. So the bridal bouquet was not yet “invented”. Both the woman and the man were supposed to carry symbolic herbals to ward off negative energy and influences from the dark world. The custom with wedding flowers is still on, only they feature a different meaning.

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The form of bouquets for the brides, corsages for the ladies and boutonnieres for the groom and his groomsmen are the new usage of flowers in a wedding. Flowers are not interpreted as protective plants for the couple anymore, but as elements of fashion and elegance. The flowers are the natural element of the wedding and they have the role of beautifying the bride and the other wedding participants in a unique, fresh and seasonal way.

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But let’s find out more about the groom’s adornment. The boutonniere is also known under the name of “buttonhole”. This arrangement consists of one or two flower blooms, usually complemented by some greenery. This piece is meant to add more elegance, more uniqueness and a thematic vibe to the groom’s look. The focal flowers of the groom can coordinate with the bride’s bouquet, while the groomsmen’ with the ones in the bridesmaids’ bouquets.

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Tradition says that the buttonhole should be worn on the left lapel of the suit or tux. This way the flowers get to sit right above the heart. But those who want to be different can wear it on the other side. This trend will work if everybody at the party follows it. But who else gets to wear a boutonniere at the wedding besides the groom? The best man, the fathers of both groom and bride and the ushers are supposed to wear them too. But the list can continue with other special guests of the couple.

128798 wedding ceremony traditions Wedding Ceremony Traditions

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The grandfathers, a special cousin or uncle can also wear boutonnieres. You can even have your minister or wedding coordinator wearing matching buttonholes. But in these cases the flower arrangements should be smaller. The groom’s must be the most fashionable and the most prominent. The styles we’re showing in the photos are based on pocket squares, one of the hottest trends for grooms today. We brought these chic groom decorations to show you a fancier way of breaking the tradition and moving forward.



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