Wedding Ceremony Songs

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A famous quote says that the participants in ceremony are the ones to enter a sacred place while everything to belong to the outside shrinks in importance. Inside the space of a ceremony time takes different dimensions since the place is instantly filled with emotions that flow freely, the place abounding in energy of life which is seen now through the sensitive eyes of various delicate feelings. This is actually the energy that reaches outside our mind and spirit blessing all the creations around, and because of this everything is melting into the same sacredness of the space, becoming in their turn sacred.
This is exactly what happens inside the ceremonial of a wedding event; everything that takes place during the unfolding of the religious service gets the print of sacred, every act that is sealed through the vows exchanging, through the handing over of the wedding rings, through the gesture of lighting the Unity Candle, is captured through the eyes of emotions and through a time that seems to be measured in the rhythms of the heart beats. And these rhythms are not the only ones to be heard throughout the entire displaying of a ceremonial, there is also the presence of music that adds a note of emotional states due to the lyrics and the melodies comprised inside the frames of wedding ceremony songs.

These songs are most of the time the ones to belong to the classical maestros that have done a great job in composing symphonies to relate so emotionally and seducing-ly to the events that take part inside a ceremonial. In fact, every ceremony, be it the one connected to the act of marriage or one to honor an important figure, has in its staging the presence of relevant music; the elaborate notes of instrumental songs are the ones to lift your mind and soul to the peaks of emotions, freeing your spirit and letting it devoid of any other material concerns.

The displaying of wedding ceremony songs are moreover filled with emotions, because in the frames of a wedding ceremonial all that is happening is the reflection of love, of dedication, of faith, this reflection being the one to be found also deep inside the guests’ souls, each one of them discovering the beauty from within once they witness the unfolding of love tied for life in the marriage with commitment and sharing as main features.

Depending on the type of the wedding, either it is a traditional one or a less formal one, the music follows its patterns. As mentioned before, the traditional one is the wedding ceremonial that requires more the displaying of wedding classical songs, whereas the one less traditionally performed asks for alternative songs which could belong to R&B style of music, to soft ballads, to blues, to gospel music as well.

No matter which is the style of music, as long as it contains lyrics and tunes to relate to the specific moment it can be considered a good music and a brilliant and sensitive way to introduce the guests in the atmosphere of love that prevails inside a wedding celebration.11

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