Wedding Ceremony Decorating Ideas

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We all know a few color combinations that we can rely on without being wrong: black and white, blue and silver or purple and gold. But these are not the only combinations that you can do for your wedding ceremony decorating ideas. Let us enter the magical land of colors.

Blue and fuchsia. Elegance and boldly meet in one single palette. The key to success of this combination is not to load too much the reception hall, just because both are strong colors. It is best to use blue as main color and fuchsia to be reserved only for details and accessories.

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Pink and pale yellow. A sweet and simple combination: pink, like the color of cotton candy fits perfectly with yellow. This is a suitable combination for a summer wedding that will resonate perfectly with summer sunlight. You can use the colors for cake, you will find certain flowers in these shades and bridesmaids will impersonate the delicacy in colorful dresses. A more relaxed wedding than this can not exist. Chocolate and vanilla. A palette that can be characterized by elegance, like that consisting of chocolate and brown fits for a wedding in a special location. But you can use successfully for a fall outdoor wedding. However, it is best suited to a sober and moderate couple. The wedding ceremony decorating ideas must represent you two entirely, so be careful what you choose.

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 Cyclamen and green. Imagine a cyclamen rubber balloon lost in the grass. So strongly would be the contrast of your wedding decor. Green will make cyclamen stand out easily. But in order to not load the décor too much, choose white tablecloths on which to place your colored items. You can even have transparent pots with grass instead of central parts with flowers. Be bold and dare to stand out throughout your entire wedding!  



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