Wedding Centerpieces With Gerber Daisies

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There are lots of flowers you can incorporate in your wedding centerpieces. The options are endless, you just have to decide on the flowers you wish to use and how impressive you want the arrangements to be. If your favorite flower is the Gerber daisy, there are simple bouquets you can even create on your own. You can use white arrangements for a  summer theme and dark orange ones for a fall concept. The way they are displayed is also important that is why you have find vases and glass containers for them. Renting them is one option, but so is buying them. There are lots of unusual glass shapes you can look for.

In them add the Gerber daisies and find other decorations which will complete this look. The water can be colored which will really make the centerpieces look a lot more interesting. You can fill up the vases with gemstones or marbles. River stones can also complete this nature inspired look of yours if you just want to use natural elements. Add in some greenery and your bouquets will look ravishing on the tables. Combining these flowers with lemons and limes is also a  great idea for a spring or summer concept. Find a long and tall vase and add a lemon and one lime. On top add yellow and white Gerber daisies or yellow ones.

Wedding Centerpieces With Gerber Daisise

Wedding Centerpieces With Gerber Daisies (Photo by: Jana Stall)

This centerpiece will surely draw everyone’s attention as soon as they walk into the restaurant. Instead of actual Gerber daisies you can also use the symbol as part of a cupcake decoration. These cupcakes can be homemade ones and you can use sugar flowers to adorn them. The option of having cookies shaped like flowers is also a great centerpiece idea. Bakeries can make this happen for you or you can take matters into your own hands and make these edible centerpieces yourself. Lots of ideas can come from your wedding theme, but you will need to spend your money wisely because there are other wedding related issues that need to be solved.


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