Wedding Cakes With Waterfalls

Food & Drinks | September 28 2009 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

One of the best parts of a wedding is the cake. Is that special moment when lights are off, fireworks suddenly appear and then the tasty cake has its entrance? It surely looks delicious but you will decide when you taste it. A waterfall wedding cake is a great option for your wedding, because it will be original in shape and the atmosphere will be elegant and friendly.

There are a lot of shapes and size, colors and tastes of the wedding cakes. You can have it in any way, with any drawing or any feature you choose. A waterfall wedding cake can be a great choice. Even if you think is just a cake, the wedding cake is the most important part of a reception. It expresses much more than it shows and a waterfall wedding cake can look impressive. The eyes of the all the guests will be stuck on the frosty, creamy, yummy looking cake. When you as a couple are choosing your wedding cake, the most important things are not to match the whole wedding together but to express yourselves as much as you can.


The cake is a perfect opportunity. If you are elegant and you want an unique wedding cake, a waterfall wedding cake works perfectly. It will give quit a show to your guest but it also have to express the married couple in a way. Choosing the wedding cake is one of the most enjoyable moments in a wedding planning. You can taste, smell and be amazed of the original ideas out there. It sounds quit easy but it can take a lot of time to pick the right cake and the right person to create it. The wedding cakes designers are indeed true artists but sometimes they can be too original or not original enough. Try to find the one that suits you as a couple and to communicate freely your wishes. Be open and listen to his/hers ideas as well, you could be amazed.


So, waterfall wedding wedding cake?  Is this your final choice? If it is, then this is one of the loveliest and most romantic choices you could’ve made. If the wedding reception or ceremony happens next to a waterfall, then is perfect. A waterfall is a romantic scene, also dramatic, the water plunging down the cliffs. It’s beautiful and scenic, and it can be a great location for your wedding.

If the decision is taken then you need to find a waterfall wedding cake designer. These kinds of cakes require a good experience and good skills in cakes designs. The cake might cost more and might have high fees but it’s worth it, the result will be amazing. If you want a waterfall wedding cake and this is not possible you can have alternatives to consider. One of them is a chocolate fountain, which looks great and it’s really tasty. You can also create a punch fountain or you can rent a waterfall arrangement for the reception.

Everything is possible these days, so if you want a waterfall cake for your wedding you just have to think and to design it together with your baker. The result should be stunning.


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