Wedding Cakes With Waterfalls

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Everyone wants to have the best wedding cake on the most special day if their life. The wedding cake is one element you can not forget, I guess this is the element most guests will remember the most. Your wedding cake will be the most festive cake and expensive cake you will ever have in your life.


Some people spend $ 1000 on their designer wedding cake. Your wedding is not the time to become cheap and save money. In fact if you don't have a fix budget and you will end up by spending more than you thought on your wedding cake. Your wedding cake will be the ''star'' at your reception. One way to make the wedding cake look more festive is to choose sophisticate designs and decorations. Of course the taste is also important and the design should be fantastic. You can choose to decorate your wedding invitations, with sophisticate decorations, like little stairs, little fountains, lights, crystals or with any other accessory according to the theme of your wedding. A luxurious wedding cake is for a luxurious reception. So if you are planning a simple wedding then you can select a simple wedding cake.

Experienced and talented cake bakers can create architectural designs so that your wedding cake will be a master piece.

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 Wedding Cakes With Waterfalls (Source:

Wedding Cakes With Waterfalls (Source:

To make your wedding cake more festive you can choose to decorate it with waterfalls, can be an illuminated waterfall placed under the top layer, or you can place it at the bottom of the cake, or the layers can be placed around the fountain. You can buy the little fountain or the wedding cake company can rent it for you for an additional charge. The layers can be supported by pillars. The cake can be placed on a table and the fountain can have ''under the table'' lighting. This ensemble will make the cake look fantastic. This type of cake is perfect for ballroom receptions, elegant weddings, luxurious weddings. Of course wedding cakes with fountains will be more expensive, but the effect is worthy.

 Wedding Cakes With Waterfalls (Source:

Wedding Cakes With Waterfalls (Source:

The waterfalls effect can be created with the design, you can select a white wedding cake with blue fondant rolling over the layers. You can select from sophisticate designs to simple designs. If you are planning your wedding by the sea, or near a waterfall, or on a beach then you can choose a beautiful waterfall wedding cake in white and blue. I seen some amazing designs of waterfall wedding cakes on many websites. You can admire this type of cake on beach-wedding-themes website.

 Wedding Cakes With Waterfalls (Source:

Wedding Cakes With Waterfalls (Source:

Waterfalls wedding cakes are perfect from luxurious wedding to beach weddings, amazing cakes can be created with this theme.


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