Wedding Cakes With Seashells

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One of the greatest themes for a beach wedding cake is the seashell theme. The happy couple who is planning a destination wedding on a tropical island or on a sandy exotic beach, on a coast or on a cruise can always choose to have a superb wedding cake with seashells.

There are hundreds of ways to ornate and beautify a wedding cake with shells, star fishes, corals, pearls and beadings, crystals, sand particles, exotic flowers and other beach themed decorative elements. Deciding to go with a seashell wedding cake is actually a decision of creativity. Anyone can decorate a wedding cake with seashells following his own intuition, imagination, vision and taste.

To cut the costs one can buy a regular white cheap wedding cake that has a simplistic design and decorate it with seashells at home. Let your imagination run free and wild enough to create a fabulous seashell wedding cake. If you have to skills at all in handling a wedding cake, ask some one in your family or a neighbor who can do it.

Depending on the style, character and budget of the wedding, you can buy real seashells and create a more impressive, striking and natural wedding cake. If you want to flatter your wedding guests even more, use edible seashells. They can be made from marzipan, fondant, butter-cream, sugar, gum paste or icing.

You can place the seashells on each tier of the cake for a more abundant and yet dainty look. Another way to decorate a wedding cake with seashells is to gather a bunch of seashells and place them on top of the cake as a marvelous seashell wedding cake topper. For a more romantic look choose two seashells for the topper, that contain the initials of the couple, the wedding rings or other symbolic elements.

If you’re hopping for a more dramatic, striking and elegant classy effect, use the seashells in a cascading style, creating the illusion of a seashell waterfall, draping down the top of the cake right onto the bottom layer of the cake. You can use white seashells for a more refined, delicate, classy and stylish appearance, or you can paint them in different colors, just to fit the wedding’s color scheme and character, for a more stunningly charming, enchanting and vibrant cake.

Among the most adequate colors for beach or ocean themed wedding cakes are aqua blue, turquoise, light blue, navy blue, ultramarine, emerald green, coral, orange, peachy, ivory, cream, beige, teal, tan, bright yellow, chocolate brown, cinnamon maroon, burgundy or olive green. Choose a Tiffany blue wedding cake with seashells for a more glamorous, brilliant, extravagant and exquisite wedding. Use any other nautical symbols or decorative items to enrich the looks of a wedding cake with seashells, such as flags, anchors, mariners, nautical ropes, ribbons and bows.11

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