Wedding Cakes With Roses

Food & Drinks | June 08 2010 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

Choosing to decorate a wedding cake with fresh flowers might be a great idea, especially if you’re planning a nature inspired wedding. But in general, a flower themed wedding cake is not suitable for only summer outdoor weddings, but for any other romantic and delicate wedding set too.

Each season of the year provides us with natural environments or locals that can be beautified with fresh flowers, perfect for a flower wedding cake. Among all the real flowers that can embellish a wedding cake, roses remain the most popular and beloved ones. Before you dismiss the idea of a wedding cake with roses because roses might be a bit too formal, conventional and old-fashion for what you have in mind, you should think of how many colors and shapes or assortments of roses actually exist.

You don’t have to stick to the traditional and classical white or red roses, when there are so many vibrant, dynamic and trendy colors that can be found in roses. Roses can fit to any theme, color scheme, formality and season of the wedding. They are romantic, feminine, charming, delightful, classy, dainty and stylish enough to transform any plain white wedding into a real successful event. It’s all about the color this year.

More and more bold, rich and energizing tones are incorporated into wedding dresses, flowers and cakes in 2010, and you should be the first one to take advantage of this fact. Let us remind you that roses are available in a myriad of shades, such as cream, champagne, beige, ivory, ruby rose, hot pink, fuchsia, coral pink, orange, deep blue, pale blue, violet, purple, mauve, navy blue, green, brown, burgundy, scarlet red or maroon.

You can choose any of these hot and trendy colors for real roses and adorn the wedding cake in a very unique way, following a general line, path or palette. Roses combine perfectly well with peonies, carnations, anemone or orchids. You can ornate the wedding cake with roses in different ways and patterns, just to obtain a more fashionable and modern look.

If the modern aspect is what you’re in too, try to keep it simple, loose, casual, feminine and soft to the eye. Choose a beautiful and delicate round shape or perhaps a more dramatic and yet chic, graceful and attractive square box shaped wedding cake with roses and keep the design and the decorations as light, unsophisticated and clean as possible. Choose a pastel color for the cake, just to make sure that the roses won’t just create a too pompous and strident effect. An ivory wedding cake with brown roses, or perhaps a champagne wedding cake with yellow roses can fit any nature inspired wedding.

Other suggestions imply: a yellow wedding cake with purple roses for a Victorian themed wedding, a pink wedding cake with blue roses for a beach themed wedding, a silver wedding cake with burgundy roses for a winter wedding, a chocolate brown wedding cake with green roses for a garden themed wedding, etc.

If you choose a separate tiered wedding cake you can place the roses between the tiers and obtain a more impressive, grandiose and elegant look. Have the roses draping down the cake in a curved or in a spiral cascading pattern for a more fancy, impressive and sophisticated look. Scatter some rose petals here and there, on the layers of the cake and around the table, for a more natural, rich and abundant landscape look.11