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Rushville can be the perfect destination for your wedding, there are several parks, gold courses, historic places, museums, fancy restaurants that can host your wedding. You can plan an outdoor wedding in Scripps Park Golf Course, in the Central Park, Scripps Park, Schuy-Rush Park, you can have a ceremony by the Anderson Lake and there are many beautiful locations for indoor weddings. You have a variety of venues to choose from in Rushville for all kinds of weddings.

After you selected the venue for your ceremony and reception now its the time to select the wedding cake the most important element at your reception. The wedding cake can be the element of surprise if you choose an original wedding cake. Many brides choose personalized wedding cake custom made the way they want to reflect the theme of their wedding, location and season.

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Rushville is a small city but you can find many good bakeries that specialize in custom made cakes. Ask the baker to create the type of cake you want for your wedding day.

You can order your wedding cake from Casey's General Store, located in 304 W Clinton St, Rushville, IL 62681.

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Roger's Bakery is a bakery located in 231 N Liberty St, Rushville, IL 62681. They specialize in custom made cakes including for wedding. They have a large portfolio you can order any type of cake you can from traditional wedding cakes to custom made cakes. You can select from a list the flavors you want for your wedding cake, the type of filling you want, the frosting and the decorations. The prices for traditional wedding cakes start from $ 2.00 per slice, for a custom made cake the prices start from $ 3.50.


You can order you wedding cake from Supervalu, located in 9 Plaza Dr, Beardstown, IL 62618. A leader in grocery industry in Rushville.

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A custom made cake you can order from Betty's Bakery Bar, it is located in 904 E 6th Street Beardstown, IL 62618-2117.

106692 wedding cakes rushville il Wedding Cakes Rushville Il

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There are many other bakeries that can offer you a perfect wedding cake. A perfect wedding cake is the one that will best match with your theme wedding, with the location if you are having an outdoor wedding then you need to select a fondant wedding cake, or an indoor reception you can choose a sophisticated wedding cake with fountain, with stairs, an illuminated cake for a festive effect.

You can select the bakery based on their portfolio, years of experience, check their website to see their cake gallery and then make a selection.



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