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The times when the wedding cake was jus a pile of glazed candies in many colors have long passed away. Nowadays we believe that a wedding cake must meet the entire theme of the wedding, and why not, to be an extraordinary accessory. It is all about the design and the bakers and confectioners must adapt. In order to help you in choosing the perfect cake, we present you some wedding cake ideas.

Classic and simple. If you are a conservator person then you should choose a white or brown glazed wedding cake decorated with some sugar flowers. The chocolate is always fashionable and tasty, so no one could resist a big creamy chocolate cake with strawberry or vanilla filling. In terms of colors, you can opt for light shades of ivory, pink or yellow.

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Geometrical shapes. Although have not yet been declared obsolete, the round edges are still the favorite form for couples. But as a personal remark, the squarish forms (rectangular, octagonal and hexagonal) are increasingly demanded for extravagant weddings. Also a sophisticated arrangement could be the placing of different geometrical shapes one on top of the other. In this way the wedding cake will be phenomenal.

Bold colors. These wedding cake ideas do not refer to those pale and nude colors that characterized old times weddings. On contrary, try to consider using bold and strong colors like fuchsia, baby blue, and violet. The guests will have eyes only for the cake’s design. If you want even more than that, think about a rainbow wedding cake. This will surely mesmerize the participants.

Decorations. Many specialists recommend the future brides to be that they should choose the wedding cake with a few months before the event. This will avoid the eventual mistakes or the bride’s changing ideas. Also then, the brides should choose the cake’s decoration. Whether you like natural flowers, funny figures that could represent the wedding theme, your hobbies or things you are keen of, the decorations have a major role in design.

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Tasty cakes. After all, the cake is not made to be exhibited in a hall full of guests, the cake is made to sweeten them. So, be careful what combinations of flavors you order. Our suggestions are to opt for coconut, pineapple, chocolate and pralines, or strawberry and whipped cream.11


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