Wedding Bouquets

Wedding Decorations | April 14 2010 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

A wedding symbolizes, besides love and unity between man and woman, perfection and idealism. We dream since kindergarten that day and when it comes we don not want to remain with ugly memories.
Decisions, decision..this is the right word: choose this, choose that. It is very hard, taking into consideration time pressure and strong emotions that mantle every bride. A useful tip is to be determined: flowers expresses the best how your personality is, so try to depend on that in order to make a decision without any anger and under pressure.

The preparations are extremely intents, mostly when it comes about the wedding dress and the others accessories. For example, the wedding flowers, including wedding`s place decoration and bride`s bouquet.

When it comes about wedding bouquets things should be simple,in theory. In other words, flowers have to be picked depending on the colors the grooms picked for the wedding, the combination of 2 colors. Here interferes another aspect: on the grounds of location and season when the wedding takes place colors should reflect this aspect. Some usual example and most common are yellow and green for a spring wedding, orange for summer, brown for autumn and white and soft colors for winter.

Apart from this, flowers compels with grooms outfit. So, for the bride bouquet appropriate are white roses or lily and some delicate and little Gemma in her hair which will create a fabulous aspect, very trendy.For man nowadays is on trend to have a little flower attached to his tail coat, on chest, the same with the bride,of course.

Furthermore, wedding flowers are needed for the mads of honor, depending on their outfit. I recommend strong colors, such as lila, purple to make a contrast between them and the bride and the most appropriate flowers are in this case tulips.

For the rest of decorations, for example the wedding place and church, most indicated flowers are tall ones combined with balloons decorations. Another moment when flowers create a magnificent moment, like part from a fairy-tale is the grooms first dance. This moment practically is the start of the whole wedding. While the couple is dancing and everyone is watching them flower`s petals are spread. Also grooms can choose fire-crackers, but only for out-doors weddings. For an in-door wedding petals are more indicated. The effect will be of a dream moment, while those delicate flowers will “dance” in the air.

All in all, no matter what type of flowers one will choose for the wedding, be sure that they will cheer up the atmosphere, will boost everyone`s enthusiasm and will give to the whole event a stain of color. Depending on each ones preferences the flowers and colors will express grooms personality, their emotions for the big step they will make.11

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