Wedding bouquets made from brooches

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Who wouldn’t love a brooches wedding bouquet? Have you seen how marvelous and absolutely fanciful, glamorous, chic, brilliant and dazzling these wedding bouquets made from brooches look like?

If you haven’t got the time to do it by now, now is the time to browse for some pictures with wedding bouquet made from brooches and convince yourself of their attractiveness, uniqueness and spectacular dainty look.

There are many brides today who are determined to go with a non-floral wedding bouquet in order to make a statement on the wedding day and attract more eyes on their bridal charming appearance. There is nothing more gorgeous, eye-catchy and sensual than a jeweled wedding bouquet. The number of modern brides who feel attracted to the idea of going non-flowered on the wedding day is constantly increasing.

There are plenty alternatives to classic or traditional wedding bouquets made from flowers that a modern bride can choose from and who can stop her? Whether you decide to opt for a summer beach themed wedding bouquet composed of real or fake seashells, starfishes and corals, whether you are a fan of chic feather wedding bouquets, funky button wedding bouquets, origami wedding bouquets, paper made flowered wedding bouquets or jewels wedding bouquets, choosing an alternative bridal bouquet for a contemporary wedding might be just the thing that can save the day.

Among all these bouquets, a beaded wedding bouquet seems to most attractive, seductive and glamorous one that a 2010 bride can choose for a fancy wedding or for a vintage themed affair.

The vintage themes are very popular for 2010 weddings and this old charm style can be tracked in vintage wedding dresses, vintage wedding cakes or vintage wedding bouquets and décor arrangements.

A wedding bouquet made from brooches can suit any type of wedding – formal in a fancy extravagant local, cathedral or castle, or casual on an exotic beach or in a botanical evening garden. One can compose a brooch wedding bouquet using all kinds of crystals – Swarovski or any other type of colored fake or real crystals, sparkle wires, diamonds, pearls, beadings, rhinestones, semi-precious gems, swags or other jewelry symbols or accessories such as earrings, pendants or rings that can fit the theme of the beaded bouquet.

One can also fill a brooch wedding bouquet with origami flowers, for a more funky and wild look. You can compose a beaded wedding bouquet yourself, using all those glittering decorative items from above for at least $500 or you can have it customized or bought from the internet from a personal blog that sells wedding bouquet made from brooches under #300.

You should not worry that this kind of bridal bouquet would look too out of place or too strident, garnish or grating. It all depends on how much sparkling accessories you decide to use and in what matter, pattern or style. You can match these rainbow colors with any type of wedding dress – white or colored.11

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