Wedding Bouquets

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If you’re one of those modern brides who are looking for a very fashionable, unusual and cosmopolitan and unconventional wedding bouquet can always choose an alternative to the traditional flowered wedding bouquet. Depending on the style, color-scheme, theme, character, season, location and budget of your wedding you can choose from various unique, crazy, outstanding and whimsical unconventional wedding bouquets existing in specialized craft bridal stores.

The range of alternative decorative items is getting wider and wider for those of you who don’t fancy a bloomed wedding bouquet anymore. For a beach wedding brides can choose a hot and trendy thematic seashell, coral and starfish wedding bouquet.

If you’re planning a Christmas or a very fanciful magical expensive wedding, opt for a Swarovski crystals or diamond beaded or jeweled wedding bouquet. On the other hand, if you’re hopping to obtain a more playful retro, gothic, vintage antique or funky bridal look, you can always opt for a feather or an origami wedding bouquet. If you’re heading for a Coraline wedding theme, choose to carry a button unconventional wedding bouquet, composed of various colored and shaped buttons. If you don’t’ have a special theme planned for your wedding and you simply want to reduce the costs of an expensive flowered wedding cake you can choose one of the examples of unconventional wedding bouquets from above.

Instead of buying an expensive calla lily or an orchid wedding bouquet you can easily go with a less expensive custom made paper wedding bouquet that can imitate any type of flower you want. Another great advantage of a paper made, button, seashells, origami, crystals or a peacock or marabou unconventional wedding bouquet, besides the more affordable prices, is the fact that brides can keep this type of bouquet for a really long time. There is no need to call on special techniques or methods of preservations (that can be very expensive) a natural real flowered wedding bouquet if you go with an artificial alternative bouquet.

One of the latest trends in unconventional wedding bouquets is the crochet bouquet. This type of bouquet is usually hand-made from different small crochet flowers using colored yarns. The final result can be absolutely stunning and simply unique. Make your own crochet wedding bouquet if you’re one of those crafty brides who can handle a needle and a thread. Finish the looks of the bouquet with matching colored tulle and tie or wrap the bouquet with beaded taffeta, ribbons and bows.

Make yourself a candy wedding bouquet made of different sweets, wrapped chocolate truffles, lollipops, chuppa chupps and ornamental flowers, leaves, herbs, plants and any other deocrative elements that can match the sweet arrangement if you’re planning a more funky, romantic and yet cosmopolitan wedding.11

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