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Wedding Tips & Ideas | May 08 2010 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

You want a marvelous decor for your wedding? A wedding arch can create this pompous aspect you are looking for. To start with, a wedding arch will always impress with its appearance. One can never fail regarding this aim. Usually used for a sophisticated wedding nowadays its popularity is ideal for all types of weddings and ceremonies.
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Wedding arches have ancient roots, because the arch is close related to circle`s symbolism. According to tradition this means the infinite, unlimited love and happiness. It also makes reference to the wedded life, that grooms will remain together for the rest of their life;as the priest says: “What God unified, people should not destroy.”

Apart from this, a wedding arch can be used as for an outdoor but for an indoor wedding too. In other words, no matter the location you can have such a decorative item. Usually, most of the grooms choose to place the arch at the entrance. Depending on the weather it can be at the exterior entrance or at the interior one.

Going further, wedding arch`s style is also important. But this fact depends strictly on your wedding theme, because it has to match with the others decorative details at your wedding. Considering this, the options one has are wedding arches decorated with balloons, flowers or with a simple material and lights on it.

If you choose a wedding arch made from balloons then you must make a mixture of colors. This also depends on your wedding theme, but you can also choose to make a contrast. For example, as your decorations have a light color, grooms outfit are white or cream, the arch can have red balloons. This way you put an accent on it.

Wedding arches decorated with flowers are very common. In this case the flowers must be the same as used for bride`s bouquet and also fir the flowers arrangements. Apart from this, no matter the type of flowers it must be plum, in order to avoid a decked out aspect.

Considering this, if you finally decide to have an arch at your wedding, you should know that you must order it at least one month before the event, because creating the design you want plus the usual work for a wedding arch means minimum two weeks. As for the prices, it all depends on your wishes. Because they are personalized the price is not a fixed one, but it starts with the minimal one: 300 € for the simplest type of wedding arch.

To put it briefly, wedding arches are grandiose, splendid and almost essential to a ceremony. Due to its popularity nowadays the prices became affordable and the range of options more various. As for the grooms and their guests it is a delight.11

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  1. Kate

    December 31, 2010 at 4:29 am

    Wedding arches are just superb. I love the natural ones, those in parks or next to gazebos. But since I will have an indoor wedding, I think this is less possible. So I will have to improvise some beautiful wedding arches. I like those made of fir tree branches. They are scented, they symbolize eternity and are quite elegant. I can only imagine such an arch. The green of the branches, the red of the ribon used to tie the branches to the skeleton and the white of the flowers scattered on the arch. It would be like having nature, Christmas and spring all in one. It would be so romantic to have one or several arches of this kind at the wedding.


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