Wedding Anniversary Cakes

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Those couples who are planning on celebrating their 10th, 30th or 50th wedding anniversary the choices for cakes are numberless, as for a newlywed couple. Many elder husbands and wives choose to celebrate or commemorate the most important day of their lives by organizing a splendid wedding anniversary party.

It doesn’t matter who you invite, it doesn’t matter if it is going to be small, intimate, private, formal, informal, casual, elegant, sophisticated, glamorous or simple, a wedding anniversary party is required for those who honor heir matrimony and wish to bring a sweet tribute to their love. Wedding anniversary cakes can incorporate any theme, color, shape or design, as well as they can be modern, traditional, trendy, or old-century styled.

One of the most celebrated and honored anniversary is the 50th. This is the most symbolic and beautiful day in every couple’s life, that is why many of them choose to throw a party and share this beautiful day with families, children, grandchildren, friends and guests. A lifetime together really worth spent properly closer to the ones you love. A wedding anniversary cake must evoke, first of all a certain memory of the couple or it can picture a copy of the wedding cake. Many couples elect the same theme for the wedding anniversary cake to commemorate the wedding day.

The wedding anniversary cake has to be, besides all, extremely special, delicate, romantic and delicious. But for those couples who still feel the youth running through their veins and souls, any kind of cake would be perfect for them. For example they could try something more informal, wild, funny and funky.

There are no rules when it comes to designing a wedding anniversary cake. This wonderful occasion needs something unforgettable, unique and extremely original. For a more beautiful and romantic anniversary, the husband can surprise the wife with a special wedding anniversary cake dedicated to her, or vice versa. The most popular wedding anniversary cake designs and colors are those shaping a red heart or incorporating a picture with the bride and the groom for the cake’s topper. Many couples choose a more golden and old-styled wedding anniversary cake to express better the over time and the long life spent together.

For example, a very elegant, enchanting and adorable wedding anniversary cake can be a red velvet cake, filled with chocolate, vanilla cream cheese, raspberry, lemon, chambord, carrot or any other unique butter cream flavor. The wedding anniversary cake topper can imply a meaningful inscription, maybe the couple’s vows, their love statements from the wedding day or any other lovely declaration that the couple can make to each other.

A wedding anniversary cake has to be magical, sweet and unforgettable. Couples can choose to have a modern wedding anniversary cake with a simpler, elegant and chic design, or a white elaborated traditional one11

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