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It’s a privilege to be modern bride these days. And we say this because of the beautiful wedding dress trends existing out there just for the lovely bride and her big day. There is nothing more important for a woman than her wedding dress. This is the apogee of her look and the wedding gown has much to say in this regard. Nothing can make a girl look like a bride but her wedding dress. The dress is nowadays regarded as an accessory, meant to add more elegance, beauty and uniqueness to the bride.

The gown is supposed to help the bride make a fashion statement at her wedding and impress everybody present out there. The main purpose is to dazzle the groom and make him fall in love all over again with you! This means that you need a special gown. But we mean a really, really special gown, like the ones we’re showing today! These amazing outfits are signed by Veluz Reyez. This designer is based in the Philippines and her creations are absolutely breathtaking.

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Vogue Bridal Dresses (Source: 3.bp.blogspot.com)

We ourselves are proud to be big fans of her work. This couturier creates custom gowns and accessories for the happy bride of today. Her creations are not typical but very innovative, as you can see in these pictures. If we are to describe her style we would mention things like red carpet elegance, classy glamour, discreet sophistication and sensual femininity. These are just a few of the most beautiful qualities of her dresses. Her gowns are really aesthetical. They are not just elegant, formal and stylish. They are based on classic beauty and this is why they look so amazing and enchanting.

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Vogue Bridal Dresses (Source: 3.bp.blogspot.com)

We are pretty sure that many of you guys will fall in love with one of these charming creations and even decide to follow this style for your own wedding. You can be sure your family and friends will be talking about your gown for many years after the wedding! Can you imagine yourself wearing one of these precious dresses on your big day? These designs are among our favorites, but you can check out more styles in this designer’s portfolio.

138208 vogue bridal dresses Vogue Bridal Dresses

Vogue Bridal Dresses (Source: 4.bp.blogspot.com)

The sheer beauty and femininity promoted by these creations are our favorite virtues of these gowns. The combination between ruffles, drapes and sheer embroidery is killingly beautiful! The modern bride can definitely have a fashion shock while watching these gowns! Simply perfect we would say! The fusion of different modern and classic designs used for this collection is fascinating. We also enjoy very much the powerful contrasts between simplicity and sophisticated, femininity and drama, softness and boldness. The rich ruffles, the illusion necklines and backs adorned with crystal details can make your Day!



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