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If you want to look like a trendy bride, we suggest you opt for a colored pair of shoes. Did you know that the color of your shoes says a lot of your personality and taste in fashion? We’ve noticed that many brides of today choose the colorful style for their big day, although white is still popular. White themes are formal and traditional, but it depends on the way you’re using them.

We are big fans of both all-white and vibrantly colored weddings. Although women are used to thinking of white wedding dresses, white veils and white shoes, there is something very fun and playful about a color accent bridal look. If you like the idea of inserting a splash of color in your attire but you don’t know how to do it for good results, we recommend you to consider wearing a pair of colored shoes. The bridal footwear is very important, although many think that since the shoes are no visible all the time they can purchase a cheaper or low quality pair.

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The truth is that this is not necessarily a matter of formality, but a mater of good taste. A bride will always feel comfortable knowing that every single item and detail she’s wearing is in perfect order. It wouldn’t be right to purchase a pair of plain shoes just because no one will really see them on your feet! There are plenty of moments when your guests will be able to admire your shoes, especially during the dancing session! You can opt for a flat pair of simple shoes if you are a practical woman and can’t stand high heel or pompous shoes.

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This is a good reason to look for a plainer type of footwear for your big day. But even commodious brides can find a beautiful alternative for this type of wear. Try wedges or platform shoes. Or, for a bit of elegance, choose a low heel pair of shoes. Returning to our subject, colorful shoes are always eye-catchy and unpredictable. You can be sure that your guests will be amazed to see that your shoes are not white. And what color would make a good selection for a bride, you’re perhaps wondering! Well, our recommendation for today is blue.

145200 vogue blue wedding shoes Vogue Blue Wedding Shoes

Vogue Blue Wedding Shoes (Source: media-cache-ec5.pinterest.com)

This tone is perhaps too bold and daring for those who are not used to wearing interesting shoes. But those who are big fans of shoes and use to spend their money of different types of everyday and special event shoes will surely feel flattered by the idea of wearing a pair of blue colored shoes on their D-day. Your shoes can be pale blue, turquoise, teal, aqua blue, navy, ultramarine or even aquamarine, depending on your favorite color.



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