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If you consider yourself a pretentious bride who can’t seem to settle for less or for a simple predictable bridal look, then you will surely feel more attracted to the idea of wearing a visually attractive wedding dress. We found these beautiful wedding dress pictures just to help you make the final decision only after you see as many designs and styles as possible. Nowadays the vast majority of the modern brides are interested in wearing more provocative and outstanding designs that can be remarked from afar.

The uniqueness of the wedding dress is the main aspect that all the brides of today are really interested in. This is why we thought to present you here a few images with visually attractive wedding dresses and hope that you will find something to captivate your eyes and your win your heart. Women usually happen to decide a lot on the spot, by the impulse of a moment. When it comes to shopping, brides tend to be very pretentious and quite exigent. They are interested in finding a wedding dress that can really be remarkable, eye-catchy, unique and elegant.

There are many other important aspects that the perfect wedding dress must embody, such as: femininity, daintiness, softness, sophistication, naturalness, drama, comfort, practicality, contrast, refinement and discretion. Nevertheless, the appearance of the dress seems to be the most important feature of the ideal wedding dress for many brides of the moment. No matter how comfy and commodious or soft the wedding dress feels on the bride, they always want something extravagant, attractive and easy to observe in a crowd.

The “wow” factor is not hard to obtain now that so many contemporary wedding dresses are created with more exquisiteness, ultra-elegance and good taste. Nevertheless, no matter how extravagant and outstanding theses visually attractive wedding dresses are, the designs and embroideries that make them so special and beautiful to watch are soft, discreet and refined. All the embellishments applied on the dress are very subtle, just to provide the bride with a stylish chic clever look.

The attractiveness of a contemporary wedding dress is always related to a certain surprising element that most famous wedding dress designers are inspired to create.  This element can be a big bow, a lavish flower bloom, a colored waist band or sash, a beading pattern, a contrasting overlay material over the dress, an asymmetrical cut on the neckline or on the skirt, an antique floral print or a seasonal inspired pattern.

The bodice or the skirt can feature a front split, a wide ruffle pattern or big sophisticated tiers or layers. Browse on our website to find more stunning visually attractive wedding dress designs that you can consider for your own wedding.

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