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Vintage Style Wedding Gowns

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Finding a stylish and an out of the ordinary type of wedding gown is crucial for many of the brides today. Long gone are the days when women only decided to wear white, regardless of how their dress looked like. Also gone are the days when women had to wear their best dress for their wedding. Back then, people did not put as much emphasis on the type of dress they worse. Rather, they were more interested in what the wedding represented. Today, however, with everything we see on TV or in magazines, we realized we have Barbie-ed just a bit and in what concerns our wedding day, we, women, tend to get a bit shallow and egocentric. If you ask me, this is only normal, considering that it is our wedding day, when we are the most important people, when we are the center of attention, in the limelight.

 Vintage Style Wedding Gowns

Vintage Style Wedding Gowns (Source: wedding-splendor.com)

This being said, why should women take a step back and not be bold? Being bold is something that most women lack today and if you see wedding photos, you can tell who had the courage to be different and who didn’t. The new trend, which seems to be lasting for quite some time now, in matters of wedding gowns, is concerned with the vintage style. This type of style has taken over the world in what concerns everything, not only the wedding dress. Everywhere you look, you can see clothes, objects, furniture – everything looks like it had gone back in time. And if the everyday – type of clothes are more in the 70s, 80s style, for wedding gowns things are a little different.

 Vintage Style Wedding Gowns

Vintage Style Wedding Gowns (Source: weddingdressesinfo.com)

Wedding gowns which can be found in the vintage style usually have something specific about them – the beauty. You will be able to recognize a vintage style wedding gown from afar and that means they can stand out and isn’t this what we all are looking for – to stand out? When it comes to vintage style wedding gowns, you need to know that there are numerous types and styles involved and they need to be chosen carefully. Usually, women who do decide to go with a vintage style wedding gown is usually very bold and daring and has a lot of courage to be different. Therefore, if you correspond to this description, keep reading to find out what the best types of vintage style wedding gowns are appropriate for you.

 Vintage Style Wedding Gowns

Vintage Style Wedding Gowns (Source: 4.bp.blogspot.com)

Dare to Be Different, Elegant and Beautiful

For one, all women who want to wear a vintage style wedding gown for their wedding need to know that the dress needs to be in accordance with everything else in the wedding. This means that if you decide to have a themed wedding, involving accessories from the beginning of the 20thcentury, your wedding gown will most definitely fit perfectly in the entire wedding décor. If you are going for a ballroom type of wedding, where everyone has to be elegant, sophisticated and beautiful, it is your occasion to opt for a vintage style wedding dress. They are exquisite and they loo

k adorable. Plus, they give you an antique air, a sophisticated and very elegant air, which every bride needs.

 Vintage Style Wedding Gowns

Vintage Style Wedding Gowns (Source: 2.bp.blogspot.com)

Once you decide to opt for a vintage wedding gown, you will have to understand that the color is equally important as the model is. Usually, white is no longer the color used by brides, especially by those who are looking to be different, bold and courageous. For them, there are colors such as beige, ivory, cocoa and milk, champagne, sweet peach and condensed milk. These colors are very appropriate for vintage style wedding gowns, because they go very well with the elegance and the sophistication of such dresses. Furthermore, if you are a little more courageous, you can always opt for your vintage wedding gown to be in a beautiful shade of pale gold, or bright red, or even sky blue or grass green. As long as you feel adorable and beautiful, there is nothing that should stop you from wearing the type of wedding gown that you want.

 Vintage Style Wedding Gowns

Vintage Style Wedding Gowns (Source: laceweddinggowns.net)

One important thing all brides need to know is that the type of dress they choose for their wedding needs to match both their bodies and their personality. If you love a dress, but that dress is simply not cut for you, you should most definitely choose another one. Trust me, there are wedding gowns out there waiting for you. They are beautiful and they are so varied, you will have no problems in finding the perfect one for you. Also, if you decide to go for a vintage style wedding gown, you will surely have a lot more luck finding the perfect one, as there are not too many women who have the courage to be different and bold.

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Where Can I Find the Perfect Vintage Style Wedding Gown?

As with any type of wedding gown, the vintage style wedding dresses can be found in any store which deals with wedding stuff. This means that you will be able to find all sorts of models, colors and shapes in any wedding store, as long as they are diversified. But, if you find that your physical wedding store does not have such things, you can always take a look online. There are numerous online stores which sell vintage style wedding gowns. You will have a lot more luck online because there are numerous physical stores which have not come to terms with the idea that vintage is the new moderns and they do not have such dresses yet.

 Vintage Style Wedding Gowns

Vintage Style Wedding Gowns (Source: media1.onsugar.com)

However, little by little, all stores will realize that the vintage wedding gowns are quite looked for and they will start bringing more models, in more colors and shapes. Therefore, if you are planning a very sophisticated and elegant wedding, where everyone will be dressed accordingly, you will have to find the best vintage wedding gown there is. There are plenty out there, so depending on your type of body, on your personality and wishes, you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for, as long as you know where to look.



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