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Vintage Style Wedding Dresses

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Have you ever considered wearing a vintage style wedding dress from the early ‘20s to the late ‘80s? Have you seen any of these old-century or middle-age designs and how wonderful, classy, stylish, chic and feminine they look like? To encourage your thinking on this one, we should let you know that more and more contemporary brides are yearning to dress up more in the ‘45s or ‘60s, when ladies looked so sexy, dainty, dressy and womanish!

To help you picture some of the most exciting looks of the old-century female check out this super website and let yourself overwhelmed with enchant.¨http://www.dorotheasclosetvintage.com/. One can get inspired form this website and perhaps decide to follow a certain design, style, cuts, color or length and have it sewed or custom made by a dressmaker or a seamstress just to fit your vintage style wedding dress vision.

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Many modern brides of our days feel the need to get back in time and choose form the fashionable ’60s or ’70s dress eras because back then women looked more appealing, fancy and simple elegant. The old charm seams to gain more and more followers these days, as every bride is trying to look as original, distinctive, unusual and provocative as possible. But what is so great with looking antique, “dusty” and old? Well, no one can deny the fact that any 1900 dress style was and still is extremely hot, original, precious, valuable, artistic and creative. During the 1900 era, the vintage style wedding dresses belonged to the Edwardian or Titanic styles.

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The main style was a pattern wedding gown with a long dramatic train attached to the back of the dress, beautifully adorned with a veil that used to sweep the floor. Brides who wore this style looked amazingly feminine, stunning, striking and completely distinctive. The ball gown style or the princess style are still fashionable and popular these days. Many brides choose the A-line to flatter their consistent or short figure. During the mid 20th century, things started to change. The classic veils and tiaras were easily replaced with fashionable and trendy lavish hats, while the full floor length empire wedding dress styles transformed into knee-length dresses that looked more chic, more casual, dainty and attractive. The fitting bodices soon disappeared and turned into more modest, simple but fancy and stylish high neckline designs.

Most of the ‘40s wedding dresses had long sleeves but there were also a couple of strapless dresses that were covered with fashionable short jackets usually recalled as boleros. During the ‘60s, women started to lose coverings and turn to more attractive, revealing and casual designs. The wedding dresses had a short length, just above the knees, while the shoulders were completely discovered. These superb vintage style wedding dresses of that time were complemented with elegant gloves and matching hats.11



  1. Some of the vintage dresses are simply not that beautiful and nice as I’ve expected. I wouldn’t like to wear any of these two dresses you posted here as an example. I think the vintage style is more beautiful than that, it has a very nice charm and great subtleties. But these dresses from here are not exactly so. BUt in fact, what I am looking for is a modern wedding dress in vintage style and hopefully i will find it soon, because I’m beginning to get bored and angry with all the not so pretty stuff I find recently. think I’ll have to look harder and maybe not online any more.

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