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Vintage Pearl Wedding Rings

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Nowadays more and more brides are interested in wearing a vintage wedding dress and a vintage wedding ring. The trend with antique themed weddings has become very popular during the last few years. We can now observe more and more modern couples willing to adopt this chic theme for their own wedding and incorporate it in every single item or detail of the wedding.

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When it comes to engagement rings or wedding rings, things are quite the same. But who can blame them when thus theme is so elegant, coquette, special and original! In matters of wedding rings, there are plenty gorgeous inspirational currents that can be following. The romantic Victorian, the bold geometrical Art Deco and the Edwardian style are among the most popular and famous currents used as inspirations for creating patterns and embroideries on wedding rings. In this article we are going to talk about vintage pearl wedding rings hopefully the images below will represent a great source of inspiration for your own imagine of the perfect style for you.

6mm carved designer two tone 14k wedding ring Vintage Pearl Wedding Rings

We are kind of happy to see that more and more women are turning to the classic period and natural look once again. These days the majority of contemporary brides wish to regain that romantic, natural, innocent and feminine look they’ve lost somewhere along the way. This is how we ended up seeing so many brides dressed in ball gown wedding dresses or in flapper styles, and this is why we can observe so many natural touch wedding flower arrangements and decorations in soft pastel pure colors. We’ve chosen the pearl type of stone for this discussion because we think it goes perfectly well with the vintage style. Pearls are classy, enchanting, flirty, sensual, feminine, high class, refined, glamorous, soft and delicate. They can make the perfect stone selection for both modern and traditional wedding rings.

6mm carved designer two tone 14k wedding ring 2 300x300 Vintage Pearl Wedding Rings

It all depends on the exact type of metal one chooses for the band and on the design, stone setting or band patterns and embroideries elected for the ring. One of the most impressive, extravagant and suitable types of metals that can go stunningly well with vintage pearl wedding rings is definitely the classy yellow gold metal. One can also find precious and remarkable rose gold vintage pearl wedding rings but in rarer occasions. However, pears can also be found in silver bands or in white gold and platinum bands – which are more modern alternatives.

6mm carved designer two tone 14k wedding ring Vintage Pearl Wedding Rings

The type of metal used in the wedding ring is not the only thing that can actually influence the design’s thematic appearance, but also the color of the pearl stone. These precious and lovely stones can be found in lots of pastel and lustrous shades, one more beautiful and unique than the other. Choosing the best type of colored pearl always depends on the preferences of each one of you and on your daily activities, profession or life style. For more glamorous types of vintage pearl wedding rings look for gold pearls, silver pearls or white and cream pearls. You can also find them in shades of blue, green, gray or black.11

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