Unusual Wedding Dresses

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Usual wedding dresses are those that don’t cross the line in a direction or another. On the other hand, the unusual wedding gowns start from the eccentric color, and end nowhere, meaning the imagination of designers is free to go beyond any limitations. Among the unusual style used in creating an unusual wedding dress we mention the gothic style, the bohemian style, the non-traditional style or the old century style. Beyond these famous and appreciated styles, unusual wedding dresses might be as well those vamp gowns, or completely out of style dresses.


But we mostly can say that unique wedding dresses are those who don’t satisfy all the patterns accepted by the community. There are a lot of women who prefer a different gown for their wedding day, therefore they can choose from the models of the unusual wedding dresses in UK.

One unusual wedding dress that can be found in UK is composed from a decorated corset, short skirt, vividly color, specific to the 16th century fashion, with a panier in the bride’s hair. Around the neck the dress is adorned with a pearl line, and one of beads on to the corset, skirt and the sleeves. The material is golden silk. This dress proves to be a good inspiration for those who dream to wear at their wedding an unusual wedding dress. The basque style looks as unearthly as a popular luxurious dress can look. Combining black lace, overbust corset, silk bows, extravagant red jewelry, matching only with an informal skirt, would mean the top of the unusual wedding dresses ever designed.

Swarovski crystals, sequins and beds are also extremely worn on the unique dresses. They can be strapless, with corsets, or laced underneath. These gowns also have a cutaway incredible taffeta train in the back. The colors are available only in white, scarlet, ivory or gold accent. To give you a picture, most of these dresses are inspirations of the Watherhouse paintings: “Ophelia” year 1905, “Ophelia by the pond” 1894 and “The lady Clare” – 1900. The dresses are blue and white, adorned with golden lions rampant, and the last one is brown, with leather and matka (close to linen looking), embellished with heraldic symbols.

Out of this discussion, any woman is free to imagine any kind of unusual wedding dress. The many minds, the many images of the unusual we can get. Maybe one finds a dress like those described above as a normal gown for a wedding, maybe someone would add more weirdness and extravagance to it, and so on. As long as anything is possible in the world of fashion, each one of us has its own idea of an unusual dress, that’s why the examples above can only inspire further creations and designers.11

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