Unusual Wedding Cakes

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The only way to make a statement at the wedding and look distinctive, unique and unforgettable is to come up with an unusual wedding cake. Every bride and grooms wants to be different and express their personalities in a more original and non-conventional way and that is why they choose to customize a whimsical, innovative, artistic, creative, colorful and completely unseen contemporary unusual wedding cake.

New trends in 2010 of wedding cakes incorporate any shiny, glamorous, vintage, stylized and non-conventional decorative elements, shapes, sizes and themes. Real jewelry motifs made out of crystals, diamonds, pearls and beadings, rhinestones, gems, sequins, lace and frills, ribbons, bows, frosting button, polka dots, gold flakes, sugar paste flower motifs, cupcakes, candy bars, chocolate or other flavor fountain cake stands or any seasonal themed unusual wedding cake topper that can make the main attraction of the wedding.

As we said, seasonal wedding cakes are at rage this year. Every season has its special color-scheme and main flavors. If you want to learn more about 2010 unusual wedding cake trends read a few things about hot and cosmopolitan seasonal ideas of creating a splendid and magnificent design for your wedding desert. For a spring wedding one can choose a tropical beach wedding cake or ocean themed made out from coconut, lime, pineapple, mango, kiwi, banana or any other exotic fruits or flowers.

The hottest color for a spring unusual wedding cake is turquoise. This color is perfect for any destination, sandy beach or coast wedding. Turquoise is the best vivid and bold nuance available for spring because it can easily express the tendencies of the revitalizing season of the year. Match a turquoise wedding cake with the bridesmaid’s dresses and obtain a dramatic, stunning and unique effect.

For a summer wedding the most suitable hot trendy color for your wedding cake is definitely hot pink, coral, fuchsia, deep yellow or fresh peach undertones. Use berries, whipped toppings or wild coral colored flower petals to create a superb refreshing seasonal summer wedding cake. For fall weddings, the apple, nut, carrot, cheese or any other spicy flavor is perfect for modern wedding cakes.

Violet, burnt orange, burgundy, forest green, and brown are the best color choices for a 2010 autumn wedding cake. Winter weddings can sustain any black and white chocolate, red velvet, pink champagne fondant, purple, blue or lime green contemporary colored wedding cake.

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Alternatives to traditional wedding cakes are cupcakes wedding cakes, unusual cheesecakes wedding cakes, fruit displays, ice cream cakes, doughnuts, candy bars, chocolate fondues, mini wedding cakes, baklavas, pies, apple tarts, individual cakes, Ă©clairs or cinnamon rolls. The large and elaborated big traditional wedding cakes are definitely replaced with these unusual wedding cake alternatives that can create a more fashionable, cosmopolitan and hot wedding atmosphere.11

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