Unusual Wedding Bouquets

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2012 brides are very anxious about their wedding because they want everything to be imperfectly perfect! And when we say that, we mean unconventional and funky. These are the new ways of approaching a wedding and we are very happy to see that more and more are finally deciding to let go the traditional look and embrace a new style. It’s not easy to renounce at your ideas and opinions, but it’s healthier this way, we can assure you of that! You will only have to lose while if you choose to cling to the old patterns and continue playing conservative and safe.

There are many beautiful trends nowadays waiting to be explored, so why ignore them! The brilliant ideas we have today are for unusual wedding bouquets. Or, we can call these arrangements “unique”, so that the term “unusual” won’t scare you off. Those who are still skeptical about the trendy style should take a look at these amazing bouquets and then decide whether to go for the modern way or stick to the traditional look. We think that these bouquets are beautiful centerpieces for a ceremony.

137699 unusual wedding bouquets 3 Unusual Wedding Bouquets

Unusual Wedding Bouquets (Source: farm6.static.flickr.com)

When walking down the aisle, the bride exposes two important things: her gown and her bouquet. These are the main elements that everybody expects to see and analyze. So why disappoint your guests by wearing a predictable bouquet when you can wear something outstanding and inedited? Now it’s the best time to play creative, original and innovative. Or, if you prefer it this way, think of these unique bouquets in terms of personalized choices. These designs are not based on real flowers or at least not only on flowers. They are inspired by exotic plants, branches, fabric and crafty decorative items.

137699 unusual wedding bouquets 2 Unusual Wedding Bouquets

Unusual Wedding Bouquets (Source: farm6.static.flickr.com)

The floral bouquet is now taken to a further level of beauty, style and elegance. The modern bride’s bouquet is no longer a standard arrangement of flowers but a fashion statement. Experts in field say that the bouquet is the reflection of the bride’s taste in fashion and beauty, and this is why you have to pick something expressive and one of a kind to reflect your personality.

137699 unusual wedding bouquets Unusual Wedding Bouquets

Unusual Wedding Bouquets (Source: farm6.static.flickr.com)

If you like roses and you can’t seem to get them of your mind, try using them in a bold unique color. Pink, red and white roses are too popular for a modern wedding. Use brown or black roses and accent them with a few sparkling touches. Or, incorporate a few feathers and branches to make the arrangement even more whimsical. Combine live blooms with brooches and other dazzling accessories to obtain a glamorously romantic bouquet. Try to make your own bouquet according to your individual preferences. These handmade beauties are easy to achieve by any crafty bride!



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