Unique Wedding Centerpieces

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The largest part of your time and budget will be associated to planning the reception. It is a complex activity which involves taking important decisions that will play a crucial role in making guests decide whether it was a successful party or not. The menu must be established, then you will have to find ways of keeping your guests entertained and finally you will have to take care of the decorations and to purchase the right wedding favors that will make your guests remember the wedding.

Wedding centerpieces set the tone and theme of your reception, are the most important decorations and no wedding reception can be considered stylish and beautiful without these elements. The centerpieces are those that can make a wedding unique, these can set your wedding apart from all the others. With wedding centerpieces, it is time to show off your inventiveness and to use the most of your imagination, as they can be constructed in any way you like and by combining the right elements you can evince the features of your wedding’s theme.

Unique Wedding Centerpieces (Source: cdn-css.hostessblog.com)

Unique Wedding Centerpieces (Source: cdn-css.hostessblog.com)

Guests will probably forget the other decorations from your reception place and won’t probably remember the details of your wedding, but centerpieces are impossible to block. They will have these arrangements in front of them for hours and the image provided by all these decorations will remain in their mind.

Candle Centerpiece (Source: bride.ca)

Candle Centerpiece (Source: bride.ca)

Although most couples opt to have centerpieces made of flowers, this isn’t a reason enough to make you avoid floral arrangements. The uniqueness of a flower bouquet lies in its colors rather than in the type of flowers that are used. So, by connecting the flowers’ hues with those that are included in your wedding’s color scheme, you can make a centerpiece that represents your wedding. If you try to find interesting vases as well and you play with their designs and colors, you will certainly obtain unique wedding centerpieces that will amaze all the invitees. For a wedding that hasn’t got a very rich color palette, you can use different shades of the same color and another color to add to the beauty of the vases’ bottom. Pour colored pearls, petals into the water or dye it in the desired color, as this is the easiest way of adding visual interest to a floral centerpiece.

Another great idea would be to use candles to form centerpieces. As simple candles placed in candle holders may seem something foreseeable, change their appearance by arranging feathers at their base.


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