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Each bride wants her wedding to have something to convey and dreams that her special day will be unforgettable not only to her, but to all the invitees too. With so many wedding ideas to choose from, brides can see their dreams come true with a wedding that is unusual through its strong connection with the bridal couple’s personality and tastes. Whether the wedding will be casual or black tie, it can become unique just by making it to tailor on your tastes.

Traditional affairs with a white wedding dress, an emotional wedding ceremony and a classic reception don’t have to be identical. Even though you have chosen to follow the usual wedding program thoroughly, you can still be inventive when designing the decorations and wedding favors. The key is to choose a theme and incorporate it as much as possible in all the aspects of your wedding. Take inspiration from your hobbies or connect the wedding with your favorite season or holiday.

101861 unique wedding 2 Unique Wedding

Wedding Favors (Source: manolobrides.com)

If your idea of a perfect wedding is to take a more casual approach, then there is nothing out there to stop you. The wedding should reflect the couple you have been in the past and hope to remain in the future. If you and your friends have always enjoyed barbecues, choose this theme for the reception and everybody will be more than satisfied. If your guests don’t feel comfortable and don’t have fun at the reception then it can be concluded that it was kind of a failure. Make the big day enjoyable and relaxed by opting for an afternoon wedding reception or by choosing a beach location. The decorations and menu are much simple, but the effect is extraordinarily. Give the wedding a new twist by having a cake made of cupcakes; simple, but so elegant and chic.

101861 unique wedding Unique Wedding

Crystal Wedding Bouquet (Source: disneyweddingsblog.com)

For a modern approach, have the wedding organized in a place with interesting architecture and serve dishes that belong to international cuisines. Also, forego the traditional white dress in favor of a champagne or ivory-colored one. These are as elegant as the former, but bring a new air to your appearance. Have a bouquet that breaks the patterns, making you look modern and stylish. Crystal wedding bouquets are in trend and wearing a single flower steam adds drama to your unique wedding. There are different and special wedding ideas for every different and special bride.



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