Unique Aqua Blue Wedding Cakes

Food & Drinks | May 31 2010 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

When it’s time to choose the most wonderful, attractive, impressive and delicious wedding cake for our wedding, we tend to get overwhelmed, confused, chaotic and blurred. It’s hard to decide upon a single design, theme, color-scheme, decoration, pattern and topper, when there are so many incredibly beautiful, charming, spectacular and modern styles and types of wedding cakes to choose from.

The happy couples should ease this troubling and stressing process by simply setting the theme, location, season, color scheme, formality, color scheme and character of the wedding. Once you’ve managed to get these things clear, finding the most suitable wedding cake for your wedding day would only be a fun and pleasant thing to do. But let’s see what types of wedding cakes are in vogue this year and perhaps give you a few suggestions in this matter.

This year, tower big sized wedding cakes are at rage, as well as those simple, casual, refined and delicate designs. Therefore you can choose form these two main groups, considering the wedding budget, the amplitude of the wedding and your personal preferences and vision. Since most of the weddings today are planned for a destination exotic location near the beach or the ocean, the wedding cakes this year are definitely blue or Oceanside themed.

One of the most adorable, dreamy and fashionable color that is in trends this year for wedding cakes is the charming aqua blue. This nuance is more than extraordinary, enchanting, delicate, refined, charming and romantic. It’s the most representative color that can reflect and evoke the natural sea side mood and environment of the beach wedding location.

Not only are in vogue this year, but aqua blue wedding dresses, wedding flowers and wedding themes or decors as well. Isn’t it nice, sweet, romantic and inspired to have a unique aqua blue wedding cake just to fit that traditional “something blue” missing element? It seems that modern couples really appreciate this saying and are willing to take a chance on a stunning “something aqua blue wedding cake”.

Depending on the character, style and grandeur of the wedding, you can choose something more graceful, refined and sleek, such as a round, cylindrical, oval or ice cube unique aqua blue wedding cake, or something more impressive, spectacular, extravagant and showy diamond, jewelry box or gift box shaped unique aqua blue wedding cake.

If you’re planning a more exquisite, brilliant and glamorous wedding, opt for a fancy Tiffany unique aqua blue wedding cake shaped in a jewelry gift box. Keep it simple for a more casual, comfortable and intimate wedding, and use thematic decorative jewels and accessories, such as pearls, beads, seashells, flowers, petals, organza ribbons, bows, bandanas, sequins, crystals, diamonds, precious stones or gems. They can be found in edible formats too. Aqua blue works great with white, pale pink, chocolate brown, teal, pearl gray, turquoise, peachy, light yellow, tomato red, cream, ivory or lime green.11

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