Two Tone Wedding Bands

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For the exchanging of rings you will have to buy two beautiful wedding bands that you are supposed to wear for the rest of your life as sign of your commitment. That means you will have to carefully choose the design of the wedding bands. Fortunately, the market is not short of options, so you will be able to locate plenty of desirable wedding bands, including two tone wedding bands that impress with a more unique style. If you are interested in such bands you should check out the options listed below. They are all available on and listed at extremely affordable prices.

Two Tone Wedding Bands

Two Tone Wedding Bands (Photo by: Jewels Globe)

For instance, you should consider the Two-Halves One Flesh Wedding Band that’s listed as item 2U-5004 and is currently priced at only $675. This wedding band can be ordered in a variety of sizes and is made from 14k two tone gold. In essence half of the 7mm band is made from yellow gold while the other half is based on white gold. The two halves are beautifully forged together so they end up standing for unity. I also like the wavy pattern which can also be considered the modern touch of this traditional wedding band.

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If you are interested in a two-tone wedding band with a more complex design, you should check out the Paisley Wedding Band listed on the website mentioned as item number WG-11. This option is available in exchange for $475 and is made from 14k white and yellow gold. You should also know that it measures 4mm in width and displays a center floral pattern made from white gold edged by a beautiful yellow gold miligree. You can purchase this ring in various sizes, in reversed colors and with an engraving that will add to the price tag $25.

I also think you should take into consideration the Hosanna Cross Wedding Band that’s priced at $399 and is listed as item CWB-3. I like this wedding band because it’s made from white and yellow gold while displaying a design with deep symbolism. That’s because the middle of the yellow gold band is embellished with diamond cut palm branches that symbolize peace and crosses placed in between the branches. So, if you are having a Christian wedding, you should definitely consider getting this wedding band that has a width of 6mm.

Two Tone Wedding Bands

Two Tone Wedding Bands (Photo by: likeablerodent)

If you are interested in more options, you should also check out the Caer Celtic Knot Wedding Band that’s also made from 14k yellow and white gold and is priced at $775. This time most of the band is made from 14k white gold, only the center embellishment being based on yellow gold. About that embellishment I can tell you it’s based on a succession of Celtic knots that are known to stand for love, commitment and fidelity. It’s a beautiful wedding band that will look great on your finger while being comfortable to wear because it measures only 7mm in width and is 2.5mm thick.

Other two-tone wedding bands that you should consider are the 14k Two-Tone Wreath Design Wedding Band and the Greek Key Wedding Band made from 14k two-tone gold.


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