Two tier wedding cakes

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A wedding is a very important event in everyone’s live. It symbolizes your union with the person that you love and it is the seal that connects you for life. For this ceremony it is normal to choose some special and unique colors and decorations. A wedding cake is an important thing of the wedding and you have to be careful at what combinations you use.

The size of the cake is other aspect that you have to choose. Usually smaller cakes with one or two tiers are used for an intimate ceremony. Wedding cakes with more than three tiers are perfect for a big and extravagant wedding. I will present you some of the two tier wedding cakes for different themes.

Two tier spring cakes
Spring is perfect for a small and intimate ceremony. You can choose a white cream or a chocolate wedding cake. Flavors like vanilla, fruits or chocolate are great for spring. A two tier white wedding cake decorated with small flowers is really lovely. Choose a fondant cake with pink and white fondant flowers. Lime green is an amazing color of spring that you can definitely use. Try a fondant lime green two tier wedding cake decorated with white fondant butterflies. A hexagonal or square cake is more indicated because it creates a special effect. Add white fondant pearls for a special elegancy.

Flowers are great to use in the spring. Try a two tier white wedding cake decorated with red rose petals on every tier. Don’t use cascading flowers because they are too big and it will make your cake even smaller.

Two tier summer wedding cakes
Summer offers us magnificent decorations and colors that we can use. You can create a hot cake that you will definitely like. For a summer cake you can try a blue fondant cake decorated with white seashells, sea horses and stars.

Flowers are also splendid in the summer so a two tier wedding cake with purple, pink or white flowers will be amazing. Fresh exotic flowers look divine and it gives a special allure to your cake.

Valentine’s Day two tier wedding cakes
The most amazing celebration of love is Valentine’s Day. So an intimate Valentine’s ceremony is great. Choose a vanilla white cream or a dark chocolate cake in shape of a heart. A two tier wedding cake decorated with red roses or hearts is another magical idea.

A small two tier wedding cake with sugar- paste love messages is really romantic and it is a magnificent idea you can try.

Tips for a two tier wedding cakes:
– Don’t use too many decorations for your cake. It will definitely look smaller.
– Use pearls, ribbons, bows to surround every tier. This way it will be more elegant and simple.
– Arrange the cake in different angles because it looks more interesting and unique.
– In order to balance the small cake with the design use mixture of tier shapes. A round and a hexagonal one, a square and a round one and so on. This way it will complex and bigger.

Those were just a few two tier wedding cakes that you can select if you have a small and intimate ceremony. Be careful at the decorations and the shapes you use.11

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    hi just wondering if u could tell me where I can purchure the cake stand that you have usedon the red top cake on ur website cake no 2 i think it is. It is beautiful.thanks


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