Two Piece Wedding Dresses

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The wedding dress has to be the perfect dress in every girls or woman’s life. In general, the most important day in every girl’s life is her wedding day. So, along with the flowers, the cake, the church and the location the choosing of the dress is the most difficult one. Should it be one piece or two? Fluffy or elegant? White or ivory? What should we choose? Is a real hard decision, isn’t it? The fashion in the wedding department is changing year by year. Apart from that, we can always say that you should choose the dress which suits your body shape best.

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 In A-line, princess dress, full skirt, empire line dress or mermaids dress you will look gorgeous. It is more likely to choose a two piece dress if you want to have a corset and a full, fluffy, extravagant look. The two piece wedding dresses come in a lot of variations. The corsets can be hand beaded or/and with lace. The wedding dresses come in a vide colour palette, depending on your skin colour you should choose a model. Taking in consideration the theme of the wedding you can also group your wedding dress selection. The two piece wedding dress is beneficial because by choosing a type of corset you can have a vide pale of skirt options. Follow the tips and select the best bridal dress for you.

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About two piece wedding dresses

If you are a romantic person and you have always dreamed about the fairytale princesses, for you the best wedding dress is a fully beaded, strapless bridal gown with a full skirt. Or a sweetheart shaped corset with lace. But there are so many variations you can’t imagine. You have the possibility to combine the two piece wedding dress colours. For an informal look, select a colourful gown and for a formal style choose the natural white gown.  

If you don’t find a dress which fits your body shape is better to opt for a two piece wedding dress because these models contain a bustier top and a skirt separately. You can even purchase an accessory separately which gives to your gown a simple look. You can select between different jackets or boleros or you can add a scarf to your wedding dress. You can choose between many options, just let your imagination loose. Choose a wedding dress which suits your body type and for sure you will look gorgeous on your big day.  

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 Ideas for two piece wedding dresses

Before you start searching for your wedding gown, my advice for you is to make an idea about your princess gown. Thanks to this process you will not waste your time because you can find the dress easier. You have the possibility to take a look through different fashion magazines or you can even make an online research.

If you have decided that you want a two piece wedding gown, is important to take a look at Jessica McClintock or Maggie Sottero’s creations because they are two of the top designers in these wedding dress styles. Based on their creations is better to choose a white simple satin halter top with a very ornate, full skirt. If you prefer to protect the traditions is better to opt for a long simple skirt.    

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Gowns with a sash or scarf and gowns with jackets

In case you walk down the aisle for the second time and your family is traditional, my advice for you is to choose a wedding dress and add for it a colourful scarf or a sash. Thanks to these accessories you can even create your own two piece wedding dress. You have the possibility to tie the scarf or the sash around your waist but you can also tie it diagonally across your body. If you opt for a coordinated look, you can pair the bride’s corsage ribbon with the sash or the scarf.

In case you want to attract all the eyes is better to select a bright coloured scarf. You can even wear a jacket with your wedding dress. This option is better for the outdoor weddings. If you want to add a traditional atmosphere to your wedding ceremony is better to choose an elegant velvet or silk jacket. You have the possibility to create a meaningful combination if you pair your dress with a jacket. Combine the colors.  

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How to create your own two piece wedding dress?

In case you don’t find your perfect wedding gown at the local Bridal Stores, the last option is to create your own model. For this process you will need a tailor’s or a seamstress’s help. In order to make a two piece wedding dress you have to make the skirt and the top separately. Sewing a wedding dress is considered a hard process, so ask for help or start creating it only if you have experience in this field.

 In order to sew an amazing princess gown you have to purchase separately the materials and the accessories. It is important to buy them only after you know your measurements. First of all, you have to measure your waist. When you purchase the skirts or the bustier top’s fabric is important to add two inches to your measurements. You can have the joy of designing your own wedding dress and don’t forget that you will even save money.   

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Nowadays, the two piece wedding dresses became an up and down trend and they are chosen in most of the cases by the modern brides. Thanks to these gowns you have the possibility to wear separately a skirt or a top bustier which are available in different sizes.

Finally, it doesn’t matter what's your gown’s style because the most important tip is to feel comfortable in it. It is important to have fun on your wedding day because these moments will never return. In case you have rented a bridal dress is important to return it. Otherwise you have to pay an extra fee. Don’t forget that confidence is what makes a woman beautiful.



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