Turquoise Wedding Cakes

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Now that a very large number of modern couples are planning a destination wedding, more and more unique and original wedding cake designs, shapes, colors and decorations appear. But speaking of color, we should let you know – if you haven’t heard already, that pastel shade colored wedding cakes rule!

So, if you’re on your way to a memorable romantic, chic, stylish and nature inspired wedding, you should opt for a wedding cake with natural skin toned colors. Among the most suitable types of soft pastel colors that can go with a natural or organic wedding cake are ivory, beige, cream, eggplant, blush, pearl gray, teal, turquoise, aqua blue, soft rose, ruby, baby pink, lime green, vintage mate orange, peach, silver, gold or champagne.

But let us tell you some more about turquoise and turquoise wedding cakes. If we are to look closely to the symbolism of the blue or turquoise color, we could mention the refinement, the discreet feel, the touchy seaside mood, the nonchalance, the spirituality, the romance, the class, style and elegance, the inspiration, creativeness, flair and simple sophistication that can characterize a turquoise colored wedding cake.

This stunningly unique and beautifully charming color makes the perfect choice for beach or ocean side themed weddings. You can plan a very sassy, fancy and gorgeous theme for the wedding around this color, using it in the décor, flowers and perhaps in the wedding dress or in the bridesmaid’s dresses.

Turquoise goes strikingly well with orange, yellow, pink, brown, rose, lime green, white, gold, silver, blue and gray. You can plan a full colored turquoise wedding cake or perhaps a white wedding cake beatified and personalized with turquoise accents.

You can use turquoise ribbons, ropes, strings, bows, flower blooms, seashells, corals, starfishes, beads, pearls or other jewels or accessory themed symbols in edible formats, real or artificial and decorate any simple wedding cake for a more eye-catchy, impressive and classy exquisite look. Not only summer outdoor or destination weddings make a suitable context and décor for a turquoise wedding cake, but winter themed weddings too. You can combine turquoise with silver or white and obtain a very classy, fancy, refined, sleek, festive and glamorous winter look.

If your wedding is to be held on a more exotic coast, island or beach, you can have a seashell turquoise wedding cake with exotic flowers. Use vibrant orange or star gazer lilies, white, purple, yellow or mango calla lilies, green cymbidium orchids, pink peonies, blue carnations or bird of paradise to make a turquoise wedding cake look more natural, inspiring, appetizing, feminine and delicate. Cylindrical, ice cube, square box or tower shaped wedding cakes are in vogue this year, so choose one of these designs for a more fashionable, hot, extravagant, intriguing and spectacular turquoise wedding cake.11

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    Can someone PLEASE TELL me who makes that first turquoise chocolate flower cake ??? I must have this !


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