Tulips and calla lilies wedding bouquets

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For brides who would like to have two types of flowers in their wedding bouquets perhaps a tulip and calla lily flower combination can represent a great inspired choice. Mixing two or three or many different types of flowers in a single bridal bouquet arrangement can be a difficult thing to do especially when you have no idea what flowers you want to would look nice in your wedding.

Besides theses, the bride must choose the flowers according to a certain pattern or similitude between the flower assortments in order to obtain a perfect unified look.

Mixing two types of flowers could be a great way to express more creativity, elegance, beauty, naturalness, inspiration, artistry and sense of aesthetics or style and fashion in general. We thought that tulips look great with calla lilies because they seem to be quite alike when it comes to their petals and their cone long blooms.

There are many diverse combinations of color that you can do between these two types of flower in order to make the tulips and calla lilies wedding bouquet look totally surprising, different, unique, and one of a kind among other bouquets usually composed of roses.

Both calla lilies and tulips have long stems and they can be beautifully incorporated in arm sheaf or long stemmed wedding bouquets that the elegant bride can carry on her arm during the ceremony.

Tulips can be found in a myriad of soft natural sweet colors like white, cream, yellow, pale pink, hot pink, blush, ivory, coral pink, red, fuchsia, orange, peach, blue, brown, burgundy, purple, lilac, mauve or violet. On the other hand, brides can find different exotic tones of calla lilies like mango orange, hot pink, fuchsia, magenta, lavender, lilac, purple, plum, brown, black, burgundy, red, pinks or cream and other off white shades.

You can pick any color or color scheme you want for your wedding flowers and compose the bouquet in order to suit the nuance of your wedding dress, of the bridesmaid’s dresses and bouquets, of the wedding décor’s color scheme and of the entire arrangements.

Choosing the theme for the wedding bouquet is not a very easy and not hard either thing to do. You just need to focus on several aspects of the wedding that refer to the location, the season, the formality, the character and amplitude of the event. For example, if the wedding is booked for an outdoor exotic location on a beach or island, then you can go with a tulips and calla lilies wedding bouquet made from hot pink and fuchsia to deep oranges and browns.

The season when the wedding is to be held is also a decisive factor in choosing the color scheme for the bouquet. For example, if the wedding is to be held during the autumn, then the bride can choose from colors like: burnt orange, chocolate brown, burgundy, deep purple, mauve, violet, red scarlet, beige, champagne or cream.11

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