Traditional Gujarati Wedding Songs

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Planning a Gujarati – themed wedding? For those who may not know, Gujarat is a state of India. Like all Indians, the Gujarati people are known to be vibrant and lively, celebrating all their ceremonies with great fast. The colorful Gujarati wedding ceremonies are the most interesting events in India, being full of interesting traditional customs.

A traditional Gujarati wedding starts with the Sagaii or engagement. Beside other common traditional Indian rituals, there are also exclusive Gujarati rituals holding a deep meaning for the Gujarati families. The typical wedding affairs are generally held at night. The night before wedding it is performed the traditional Garba dance filling the atmosphere of the marriage with enthusiasm.
The beginning of the Gujarati wedding is the Ponkvu.  The groom is welcomed by his mother-in-law who tries to grab his nose to remind him that he came rubbing his nose at the girl’s door while asking for her hand.
The Madhuparka ceremony is the moment when groom’s feet are washed for him to feel special and superior. He is given honey and milk to drink as a symbol of love.

Kanya Daan is one of the most important wedding rituals. The bride’s father gives his daughter’s hand to the groom hoping that he will take good care of her. Kanya daan is performed in front of the sacred fire.
Hasta Milap involves the tying of the groom’s scarf to the bride’s sari, symbolizing the meeting of two hearts and souls. The priest seeks the blessings of Goddess Laxmi and Parvatiji for the young couple. The family and relatives bless the newlyweds and sprinkle rose petals and rice grains on them.
After Hasta Milap, come the Mangal Pheras or rounds that the couple takes around the sacred fire. The groom expresses his heartiest desire to seek his wife’s loving care. Saptapadi is an important stage of Hindu marriage. The groom helps his bride in touching the seven betel nuts with her right toe, while reciting the seven vows for their commitment.

During the Saubhagyavati Bhava, seven married women from the bride’s side whisper good wishes and blessings in her right ear. The Chero Pakaryo is a kind of amusement after the serious traditional rituals. The groom tugs the sari of his mother in law like he is asking for gifts from the bride’s family.

Every ritual in Gujarati wedding has varied Gujarati wedding songs expressing the inner emotions of bride and groom. Aaini Ta Ye Dulha Nike Kaini is a Gujarati wedding song offering the ideal way of rejoicing the Gujarati wedding. The Ganesh Paat Besadiye is a Gujarati song evoking the feeling of love and joy. All the Gujarati wedding emotions are nicely absorbed in this song.

Lado Ladi Jame Re is an extraordinary Gujarati wedding song that justifies perfectly the wedding’s theme. Pahelun Te Mangal is a wedding song with a vital importance in psyche of Gujarati audience, gracing the Gujarati wedding. Maar Sala Ke Maar Sala Ke is an essential song to play in each Gujarati wedding. The song relates to the unspoken feelings between the bride and groom.

Dhire Re Chhedo is a wedding song that makes the Gujarati wedding outstanding with its relentless charm, being harmonious in its meaning. Dhol Dhamakyan Ne is an idyllic song for depicting the Gujarati wedding cult. Manglashtak is an incredible wedding song, talking about the elation among Gujarati families on weddings.

I hope this helped you make an idea about the deepness of the Gujarati wedding rituals.11

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